S I G N A T U R E  B L U S H  E U R O P E A N  F A C I A L    $55


This vital facial includes: double cleanse with a facial steam massage, extractions, double exfoliation with customized masque application with a hand, shoulder and arm massage while you wait.  Topped off with a cocktail collection of skin smoothing finishing products, it leaves your skin feeling the silkiest it’s ever felt.

E X P R E S S  F A C I A L   $30


Perfect for lunch breaks, teens, and gals on-the-go! This express version of the signature european gives you both of what you need: quick service with fabulous results. Includes a steam cleanse, exfoliation scrub masque and finishing products to properly moisturize and repair skin.  *Purchase a set of 6 for $150

“R E V E R S E  T H E  S I G N S”  A N T I- A G I N G  F A C I A L  $ 6 5


*Includes soothing warm eye gel pads infused with real red wine extract to help fight the signs of aging.

This customized 90-minute treatment leaves you feeling brightened, tightened and refreshed! The anti-aging facial is for anyone who is beginning to show signs of aging: loss of elasticity, dryness, dare-I-say-it-wrinkles, darkened + puffy eyes along with overall redness or hyperpigmentation.  The treatment has many of the steps included in the signature blush facial but also includes the use of the galvanic skin care machine in order to further repair and regenerate the damaged skin while also “pushing” skincare product with a metal ionic roller into deeper layers. This allows for better absorption of product and helps to nourish cells far more than any normal facial massage ever could.  Helping to rid of sluggish skin tone and poor circulation, the machine also has a function that works to break up deposits, lymph and toxins, literally creating a glow from the inside out.  Keep this treatment in your calendar on the regular, there’s no better prevention than consistent maintenance!

‘I  N E E D  T H E S E  S P O T S  G O N E  Y E S T E R D A Y”  A C N E  F A C I A L  $ 6 0


Most of us have been there, it’s not fun, but it’s definitely treatable. This facial helps you achieve a super deep cleanse along with chemical and manual exfoliation and a soothing treatment masque to soak up excess oil. Great for teens, athletes, and that time of the month!

“B A C K   I N T O  I T”  B A C K  F A C I A L  $ 4 5


Modified directly from the signature facial: double cleanse, exfoliation, needed extractions, and a customized treatment masque suited for your back’s skin type along with a luxurious massage. Great for summer time when you need smooth clean skin, but also great for athletes and anyone needing deep relaxation.

C H E M I C A L   P E E L  $ 6 5

Utilizes a chemical solution applied topically to the face for deep exfoliation and hydration. Includes any necessary extractions along with a soothing post-peel face mask.

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