chemical peels

All Chemical Peels $65

Chemical peels are a great way to both treat and prevent a plethora of skin conditions.  If you’ve never had one, it’s a great way to let your skin “start fresh” by chemically resurfacing the top layers of your skin.  The treatment begins with a double cleanse, followed by a chemical solution that is picked to specifically target certain skin concerns.  After the solution has set for up to 5 minutes, it is then washed off and ends with finishing products to protect and hydrate the skin.  In the following days, your skin may start to slowly peel and flake as the skin is sloughing off to achieve to softer, brighter skin.  As you will see, your makeup applies more smoothly and keeps the product on your face longer due to a more even skin texture, not to mention allowing your regular skincare products to absorb deeper as it passes through softened skin.

Image Skincare provides many different acid peels to help target and treat several skin conditions including: dryness, acne, pigmentation, and wrinkles.  There’s even a safe peel created specifically for pregnant women who need something to keep their skin manageable and soft during hormonal shifts with pregnancy.

Clients experience greatest results with a series of six peel sessions and can gradually build up intensity as the sessions progress.  There are special requirements and rules you have to obey while you’re undergoing a series of peels.  This includes things such as: no current acne medication (Accutane, Retin A) and no exercise or flushing the skin post-peel 24-48 hours.  Because every client needs special attention and skin prescription, please call 785.393.9991 to set up a consultation and find what suits you and your skin best.

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