Fluttered Lashes

Every girl wants big lashes.  I don’t care who you are or where you come from, you want them.  Whether you apply several coats or you buy the most expensive mascara on the market, you do everything you can to get those lashes up and open.  Today’s trick is probably something you aren’t doing but I guarantee it will make you happier than you’ve ever been.

Insert: the spoolie brush.

This is your new BFF and ironically it might be the thing that causes you to cry happy tears after you use it.  I think most girls don’t include this step because A.) no one ever talks about it and B.) it’s “one more” step to add to their list.

But girls, I am here to tell you that it is  so, so worth the 30 extra seconds out of your day!  This brush separates and fans the lashes out so beautifully and it does so while extending the appearance of the lash.  Dare I say it, it smooths out the first coat of mascara that you apply so that you can put on several more.  (I realize everyone is different in their approach to makeup but using this after even one coat will make a huge difference!)

This beautiful brush will put you out $2 and it’s fairly easy to take care of (just wash and rinse with soap and water every couple days.) And don’t be afraid to use it on bottom lashes too!  The only rule when using this brush is to fan your lashes with it immediately after you’ve applied your mascara.  Once your lashes are dry this brush will be of no use to you.  So separate the lashes as they are drying and this will yield a cleaner, fuller appearance.  Insert red-dress-dancing-girl emoji here…

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The Surprising Salon Service All Women Need…

I could’ve given this post a million different titles but let’s get down to business…there is a salon service that women are catching on to and it’s something that needs attention regularly.

I’m talking about your lip hair.

It needs to go.  There’s no reason to keep it.  You’re not saving it for anything are you?  This is something that is so easily overlooked but once it’s noted there’s no denying it.  ALL women have lip hair and they’re lying if they tell you they don’t.  Why is it so important to remove it?

Because all lip hair leaves a shadow.  And only until it is completely removed do you really notice the difference!  Take a hand mirror with you into direct sunlight and you’ll get a better idea of what I’m talking about (car mirrors work great too.)  The best part is that a lip wax is a quick service that can easily be added to your regular brow wax appointment!  Keep this service in your calendar and you will never fear direct sunlight again.

To schedule your lip and brow wax appointment, call or text 785.393.9991.

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We are oh-so-excited to be adding new services and staff to the menu along with a new location in Tonganoxie off 4th street. Construction will begin soon so be sure to follow us on social media for updates!

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Everyday Lip Gloss


I have a feeling this may be my most monumental post yet…

It all started when one of my expensive lip glosses was nearing empty.  This is not just any lip gloss. This is a lip gloss that I carry in my kit & I use it on almost everyone that sits in my chair. It is SUCH a great color and it’s so universal that I have yet to find someone it doesn’t look good on. The gloss in case you’re wondering, is by Bobbi Brown and the color is Buff 4.

So as I started to shop online and add it to my cart, I hesitated…YES I love this gloss but I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something similar but also cheaper…Don’t get me wrong, my kit is loaded with expensive products but lip gloss is one thing (in my opinion) that isn’t always worth the extra $ because no matter what brand I’ve tried, no gloss stays on forever. Lipstick is another story, I am happy to shell out Washingtons for those. But to me, lip gloss isn’t worth a ton of $ if you’re constantly reapplying anyway.

So I searched online for a duplicate…

A similar color but for less money…

And the makeup gods answered…


You GUYS! Seriously! Can we take a minute and appreciate these gorgeous colors that set us back no more than FIVE DOLLARS?? I was paying 6 TIMES that for one BB gloss!! These colors are the absolute perfect neutral and pair so beautifully with nearly ANY lipstick!

I decided to snap a few photos, both inside and out and with/without flash so that you could get a better look! Let me know what you think!

And in case you’re wondering, the shade I found to be most similar to the original Bobbi Brown is the NYX gloss in “Sponge Cake.” They are nearly identical, minus the fact that Sponge Cake has a gold sparkle in it. I am 100% ok with that because the gold fleck adds dimension on camera (and it’s also one of the reasons I layer lipstick with lip gloss.)

(Inside With No Flash)


(Inside With Flash)InsidewithFlash

(Outside With Flash)OutsidewithFlash

(Outside with No Flash)OutsideNoFlash

And one more just because they are so beautiful! I love the way they glisten in the sun! 😉

NYX Cosmetics can be found at Target and Ulta.


July Special :: Hawaiian Facial


Soak up summer in the best way possible, by treating yourself to this oh-so-delicious facial treatment at Blush this month!

The treatment runs for 60 minutes and begins with a deep cleanse facial massage with a cleanser that contains aloe vera and calendula that refreshes and creates a cooling within the skin. This double cleanse is then followed by any necessary extractions.  Next comes the fun part, a tropical hawaiian face peel is then applied to the skin for numerous benefits: purifying clays draw toxins deep from within the skin while “luscious fruit enzymes chemically dissolve expired cells that cling to the surface of the skin.” The peel also helps naturally saturate the skin and supplies it with “vitamins and enzymes harvested from tropical coconuts, mangoes, papayas and pineapples.”  Aloha, boha!

The facial treatment also includes citrus-scented steam towels and I’m trying to wonder what more you could want from life? Citrus is everything in my world and it feels blissful on the skin.

The treatment also includes a heavenly hand, arm and shoulder massage while using orange dreamsicle lotion and oil to hydrate the skin. Beat the heat, refresh your skin and feel amazing this month when you come in for this special…see you soon!

Call or text to book….785.393.9991


Giveaway Winner :: Free Express Facial

And we have a winner! Congrats to Melissa Lewis on winning a FREE express facial!  MelissaLewis

Stay tuned on the blog for one more AMAZING giveaway!!!


January Special

Perfect for your lunch break or just when you need a quick tune-up! The express facial includes a steam massage face cleanse, double exfoliation and finishing products to hydrate and repair.

Call or text 785.393.9991 to book.



Eyes That Shine!


Ok y’all, I know that at the top of every woman’s list of “I want” and “I need” is a great undereye concealer.  We all want it and we all buy the newest and greatest product in hopes of amazing eye brightening properties.

Well spend no further! I recently made an life-changing purchase at Sephora and I haven’t turned back since.  The two products that every woman needs to run out and purchase is the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector and the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer.  I’ve shared in a photo below the products that I used for this post and don’t be surprised that I also used the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation as my base foundation.  Tarte Cosmetics are the love of my life and I love supporting a company that not only integrates skincare into their makeup products, but that also uses a part of their profits to help those in need.



Brush: it Cosmetics :: Maracuja Concealer “Light Sand” :: CC Corrector “Light/Medium” :: Amazonian Foundation “Medium Sand”

I typically wear Light Sand in both the foundation and concealer, but on the day I took these photos I had used a sunless tanner and so I upped my foundation color to Medium Sand.  A Trick of the Trade – use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone, it visibly lifts those unwanted darker areas.

The reason these two under eye products work so well together is because the CC corrector has a purple colored clay pigment that instantly brightens, while the yellow pigment in it diffuses the dark circles. Combined with the Maracuja concealer, it packs a brightening power like NO other!

The best part? You don’t have to use both together, but you can if you want all the help you can get! Follow the steps below…

*Apply moisturizer and eye cream.  When applying the eye cream, use your ring finger and pat/swirl it in both directions.  This helps to avoid pulling the muscles one way. Let dry completely.

*Apply face primer and foundation.  I love the it Cosmetics brush because it really packs a punch.  The control and precision I get with it, trumps all others.

*Apply CC corrector in an upside down triangle shape underneath the eye again with your ring finger. Don’t be afraid to use a moderate amount of the product.  Apply under the ENTIRE eye from inner tear duct to past the outer eye.  In other words, you are fading it from the inside of your eye, all the way to your hairline to wear your sunglass frame goes to connect behind your ear. Obviously don’t put the product into your hair, but it take straight to that stopping point. This gives you that “lifted and wide awake” look that everybody always asks for.  This can be applied with either your finger, foundation brush, or concealer brush.

*Apply Maracuja concealer in the same fashion as the CC corrector but use a smaller amount and don’t lay too much product near your bottom lash line.  Even though it’s called the creaseless concealer, it still creases somewhat.  So until it’s re-formulated, you’ll have to apply it and then be sure to set it with a loose or pressed powder on top.  This is vital and you cannot skip this step.  If you do, it will slide of your face by 12pm. It just will. I’m sorry but sometimes we just have to work a little harder for what we want girls.

**If you happen to find a tiny little crease under your eye around 12pm, just use your ring finger again to lightly pat it in. Very, very softly.

Before and After

The first picture is with foundation only…ets2

And after! Product is smooth, brightened and prepped to last all day!ets3

Also be sure to add either the CC or Maracuja concealer under the high point of the brow and on the cupid’s bow above the lip to add more “lift” and dimension to your face.

And let me end this post by saying that both eye products work to improve skin texture and tone over time with repeated use…as I said ladies “GOOO get this!!!”





Spa Inspired Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas! :: Part Three


So it’s the last and final day for Spa Inspired Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and I really feel I’ve saved the best for last.  Whether you decide to purchase these for yourselves or to create multiples for family, friends, teacher or co-workers gifts, you are sure to spread the love this year!

Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Red Lipstick in “Fierce” $16


This is the red that everyone needs, especially for Valentine’s Day. It’s universal, it’s creamy, but it stays where you put it.  You need a TINY amount and it lasts forever.  I’ve just solved your “I’ve been looking for a great red lipstick for 3894 years” dilemma.


The Top 10 Pink Lipsticks from Beautiful Makeup Search


If you’re not feeling as adventurous as the red, this is perfect for every day OR date night.  I mean really, what’s prettier than a perfectly pink pout? Nothing.


Lavanila Grapefruit Vanilla Perfume, Available in Rollerball or 1.7 oz. $19-58


This fragrance. I can’t even.  How do I describe this scent? Lavanila is an amazing company that uses all-natural ingredients in their perfumes (which is unheard of in the fragrance industry) but still finds a way to create scents that don’t smell like lavender tree bark.  They smell AMAZING.  This scent in particular, as crazy as it sounds, smells like the inside of a Coldstone Creamery.  When I worked at Sephora I told clients the same thing and they happily agreed. It’s not fake, but it’s sweet, fruity, and oh-so-perfect!! This is one of the very few scents that both men and women instantly agree on.  Go to your closest Sephora and ask for a sample!


Nail Polish + Nail File Gift Set


This is an adorable tutorial and it’s great for someone like a teacher who doesn’t wish to receive loads of sugar on V-Day.  This would be cute for co-workers and young nieces as well.


DIY Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub


Again, I love this because it’s not candy and it’s a great way to pamper your loved ones.  It’s made at home, which puts a little more thought and sentiment behind it and you can really spruce it up by putting a cute label, ribbon and spoon on it. Look out Martha!


“Spa Day” Gift Basket 


This spa basket will probably go to one of the top women in your life due to the total cost of the basket. That being said, any woman would LOVE to receive something like this.  The magazines instantly sold me because THAT’S relaxation in my book! And maybe you could throw in your homemade lemon sugar scrub in there with a Blush Spa gift certificate? Just a thought. 😉



Ending one of my favorite posts with one of my favorite recipes from These cupcakes were made for a spa party I had years ago and they were DELICIOUS!! Perfect for the grown-up that wants to be fabulous!