Winter weather has hit and we need to start giving our skin the TLC it needs!

Did you know that 70% of your overall skin health is comprised of your at-home routine?  70% of what you do at home determines how healthy your face looks.  The other 30% spent in the treatment room is important for two main reasons.  One, it determines how well our skin absorbs product and two, it also allows a custom treatment best suited for our skin’s current needs.

The holiday peel special at Blush is perfect for the winter months because:

  • The fruit enzymes in the peel eat away at dry, flaky skin.
  • It’s safe for any and everyone to use, including pregnant women.
  • Great for acne.
  • It dries out oily areas where it needs to.
  • It resurfaces and smooths out your skin texture, reducing pore size and revealing a more flawless complexion with makeup on or off.
  • It brightens and it tightens.
  • It aids better absorption of at-home products, making the $ you spent on them more effective.
  • It softens, allowing the skin to feel more soothed and hydrated.

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October Special :: The Pumpkin Facial

Happy Monday Y’all!

The PF is back and better than ever!  Be sure to book your appointment this month and receive $5 off ANY SERVICE when you bring in 2 items for Tonganoxie School District’s “BACKPACK BUDDIES” program.

BACKPACK BUDDIES is a wonderful program that helps replenish needed items for students including food and toiletries.  Read the list below to see what you can donate and bring it in the day of your appointment to receive your discount!

Let’s keep these kid’s hearts and bellies full this Fall!  Can you help us achieve that?

Needed items: 

Full-size toothpaste, toothbrushes, bath soap, toilet tissue and other necessary household items (maybe dish soap, laundry detergent, deodorant).  Fruit cups, snacks like Cheese-Its, pretzels, trail mix, individually wrapped granola and snack bars, and juice boxes.



Get TOTALLY Quenched This Month!

GET QUENCHED THIS MONTHStop in for a BACK facial that your skin will love…a double steam cleanse, back massage, and a deep exfoliation with a new mask, a watermelon + coconut sugar scrub mask to be exact!

This mask will exfoliate and dry out any existing breakouts while also hydrating the skin with key ingredients such as jojoba & sunflower seed oil and watermelon and avocado fruit extract!

Back extractions are performed if necessary.

Treatment time 30 minutes.



July Special :: Hawaiian Facial


Soak up summer in the best way possible, by treating yourself to this oh-so-delicious facial treatment at Blush this month!

The treatment runs for 60 minutes and begins with a deep cleanse facial massage with a cleanser that contains aloe vera and calendula that refreshes and creates a cooling within the skin. This double cleanse is then followed by any necessary extractions.  Next comes the fun part, a tropical hawaiian face peel is then applied to the skin for numerous benefits: purifying clays draw toxins deep from within the skin while “luscious fruit enzymes chemically dissolve expired cells that cling to the surface of the skin.” The peel also helps naturally saturate the skin and supplies it with “vitamins and enzymes harvested from tropical coconuts, mangoes, papayas and pineapples.”  Aloha, boha!

The facial treatment also includes citrus-scented steam towels and I’m trying to wonder what more you could want from life? Citrus is everything in my world and it feels blissful on the skin.

The treatment also includes a heavenly hand, arm and shoulder massage while using orange dreamsicle lotion and oil to hydrate the skin. Beat the heat, refresh your skin and feel amazing this month when you come in for this special…see you soon!

Call or text to book….785.393.9991


March Special


It’s a new month and I couldn’t be more excited to reveal the special for March.  This month it’s all about CHEMICAL PEELS and I am thrilled for all of my friends here on the blog to jump in and really see what they’re about!

If you’ve never had a chemical peel before you may not know how great they can actually be for your skin.  During this treatment, your skin is initially cleansed and prepped for the peel to fully penetrate.  Chemical peel solutions are a thin watery-like substance and are applied to the face for 5-10 minutes.  Depending on the strength and intensity of the peel, you can feel slight to moderate activity on the skin along with a warm flushing.  The peel is designed to exfoliate thoroughly and slough off dead skin that cannot fully shed itself. The peel is then removed and followed with a cooling mask to calm the skin.  Much like a regular facial, it ends with several nourishing and skin smoothing products to hydrate and soften the skin.

In the following days (usually at day 3) you will experience light to moderate peeling and flaking of the skin. The stronger the peel, the more you will peel.  March is perfect weather for a “peel season” because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold outside.  Extreme weather can aggravate skin and you’re not tempted to be outside too long anyway as you would in the summer when it’s nice out.

Along with thorough exfoliation, chemical peels are also great for: reducing fine lines and scarring, minimizing dark spots/sun damage, lightening melasma, stimulating collagen and elastin (what makes your skin firm and plump), brightening and tightening the skin and allowing other products to penetrate deeper (which is great for the expensive moisturizer that sits on your bathroom shelf.)

Blush Spa is featuring two peels this month, the Image Skincare Passion Peptide Peel (just a tune-up) and it’s great for anyone and I mean ANYONE! Teens, acne, brides, pregnancy, sensitive, first-timers…you name it! Most people experience little to no peeling with this one. $50

The other peel (deep clean & squeaky clean) features the Image Skincare Signature 4-Layer Facial Peel.  This peel is a bit more intense treatment and will produce a greater amount of “flaking” with an added retinol booster.  $55

Call/text 785.393.9991 to book!

Also for the month of March, the blog and spa will be “going green” and giving insight to all things healthy and clean in the beauty world.  As always, Blush Spa loves to pamper and treat it’s clients so anyone who checks into the spa this month before their appointment and includes the hashtag #luckyatblush and why you’re feeling lucky on Instagram or Facebook will receive a FREE all-natural spearmint lip balm scrub!!

Here’s to being heathy, clean and green this month!

XOXO, Lindsey


Monthly Special :: February


Dive into this delicious special for February! This one hour treatment includes a yummy strawberry facial mask and also features a chocolate peppermint hand scrub to slough off dry skin.  The hands are then heated with warm hand mitts to soothe and hydrate cracked hands. Quantities are limited so be sure to book fast!


January Special

Perfect for your lunch break or just when you need a quick tune-up! The express facial includes a steam massage face cleanse, double exfoliation and finishing products to hydrate and repair.

Call or text 785.393.9991 to book.



Get Ready to Feel Amazing :: January Promotion

OH Em Gee.



This January Promotion has me so, SO giddy!!

Christmastime can take such a toll on friends and family everywhere.  Shopping for gifts, cooking, baking, wrapping gifts…I don’t have to explain it to you.  With all of the tasks and schedules to adhere to a lot of us come into January at a screeching halt.

Enter this special treatment.

I have specially designed this facial to be exactly what you need to get you back on your feet, without you actually having to get back on your feet.

We’ll begin with the custom double cleanse followed by an enzyme exfoliating masque to eat away at dead skin cells.  While this sits, we go to town with luxurious products.  First we apply the Farmaesthetics Eyebright 3-in-1 treatment oil for a conditioning and soothing treatment for the eyes. It’s applied on a warm steam cotton pad and lays on the eyes for several minutes while it reduces eyestrain and eye redness, softens fine lines, and reduces puffiness and wrinkles.  The chamomile helps to relax and relieve irritation due to environmental pollutants and allergies that have affected the eyes.


As this sits, you will be warmed and loosened with a steam massage focused on the throat and chest area with the amazing Deep Lavender Rub, also from Farmaesthetics.  This all-natural alternative to “Vick’s Vapor Rub” only contains a small list of ingredients including: sweet almond oil, ginger, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint & rosemary essential oils, beeswax, and menthol. Absolutely perfect for the winter months that have brought on unwanted congestion, cough and cold.  The massage follows from the chest and shoulder area into the scalp and ears totally awakening but also soothing tense areas.


We then are prepped and ready for extractions, followed by the delicious Bella Lucce Honey & Wine face masque.  We’ve all heard that clever line that a glass of wine a day helps fight the aging process and this masque here seals the deal for that.  It contains the anti-oxidants resveratrol and polyphenols along with natural vitamins.  The gentle clay base helps to draw out toxins while the infused olive oil replaces lost moisture.  Now if I could just get some linquine…


I sincerely hope you plan to see me in January for this treatment because every single person deserves the chance not to just feel good, but to feel amazing.  And with this treatment you are on your way to really caring for your body, mind, and skin.  Your spirit thanks you for being so kind to yourself.