Troubleshooting For Brows :: Part 2


Ok so yesterday we covered a few common pitfalls that occur during the brow polishing process.  Today I want to cover a few of my favorite products for keeping your brows natural but also defined.  Read on to see if you already use any of these or if you’re interested in trying a new product!

1.) Anastasia Brow Wiz  $21


So it’s no surprise this is first on the list today if you read yesterday’s post.  I love this pencil because of it’s gliding ability and because it has a great color selection.  You can find the exact shade that you need and it won’t be too heavy when applied but it’s also not too dry either.

The Brow Wiz Pencil is a great option for truly mimicking natural brow hair.  When applying, it’s best to use a feathering approach and flick small strokes upwards and into the brow.

2.) Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow $27


The reason I love this pencil specifically is because of how light the blonde color actually is.  This shade is so light that you can’t mess it up!  I have yet to find a brow pencil this light and it’s perfect for someone who is very fair or timid with their brows.  The triangular shaped pencil makes application SO easily and it even comes with a highlighter inside of the pencil! Hello!!

This pencil is perfect for people who want color and allows you to precisely define the brow along the perimeter.  It’s also great for the “tail” end of the brow because of it’s pointed shaped tip. (Point the smaller end of the tip downwards if you like a very “sharp” tail.)

3.) Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel $24


I loooove this gel! As weird as it sounds it’s all because of the tiny applicator wand! It is so teeny and so precise that you really can brush the hair exactly how you want it while keeping the arch nicely defined so that it sets and stays for the day.  I’ve used larger wands with brow mascara before and 9/10 it lays out too much product too quickly putting it to waste.  Not with this! #tinybutmighty

This tinted gel is perfect for people who love their brows the way they are, they just want a little more color.  It’s also perfect for people who have unruly brows and want to set the hair into place.  It works very much like hairspray does!  

If you look below you can see that Camilla Belle’s brows are perfectly uniformed.  It’s safe to say that her makeup artist probably used some type of gel or wax to keep them in place.


Pretty magnificent, wouldn’t you say?

This wraps up the two part series!  Feel free to comment below if you have any specific brow-related questions!


BLUSHing Bride :: Erica


All throughout my makeup artistry career I have been beyond blessed with the clients I have worked with.  Every single bride I meet makes me want to go out and have coffee with her the next week.  Every single bride I meet is generously kind and she radiates from inside out.

Meet Erica.


I. Just. Adore. Erica.  I am currently trying to figure out which Disney Princess category she falls under. Erica has beautiful taste and she was such a dear to work with.  She also earned bonus points from me because she remembered to purchase the lip products we used at her trial to have for touch-ups on her big day.  This is vital girlfriends!


Like always, we played up Erica’s best features.  For her skin, we kept it a dewy glow with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisturizer.  I have blogged about this TM before and y’all should know by now how much I love this foundation.  Technically it’s a tinted moisturizer but it covers like a foundation and because it’s such a lightweight formula, it photographs beautifully.

For her eyes, we kept them soft and smoky and added false lashes.  Lashes always elevate your look and they are what makes a bride look like a bride.


For her cheeks, I used a stain by Lorac called Rosy Glow.  It’s a powder stain and and it’s the perfect amount of rose and shimmer for someone who is more olive-toned or who has a darker skin tone.


For lips, we stuck with a neutral shade and we used a combination of Makeup Forever lipliner, lipstick, and NYX gloss.  And as if Erica couldn’t be any more adorable, her hubby does in fact have a man-bun. Hashtag YES. #moderndayjohnnyandjune





Congratulations to the happy & beautiful couple!





Finding Your Perfect Foundation

Current Faves (2)

Just this week, an old friend from high school sent me a message and asked me for a foundation recommendation.  She had a list of requirements and she told me that what she had tried in the past wasn’t working well.  It inspired me to write this post because I have SO many tips and tricks for finding the right foundation, no matter what your list requires!

I’m going to break it down for you in simple steps and I’m also going to list a few of my all-time favorites for people who just want a general recommendation.

1.) Decide if you want a light, medium or full coverage formula.  

Light coverage will still show freckles and skin discoloration, medium is a good in-between if you want some coverage but don’t want a heavy finish, and full coverage gives a very opaque coverage.  Think Adele.

Also, do you want a dewy (glowy) finish or a matte (no shine) finish?

Dewy on the left, skin has an overall glow.  Matte on the right, skin almost appears to be powdered.  BlakeSM

2.) Decide if you want a powder, liquid or cream.

As mentioned from tip #1, these 3 textures will often yield the above results.  Powder is light coverage, liquid is medium, and cream is full.  For the record, I will 9.5/10 always recommend a liquid finish.  It’s the most blendable and very few people over the age of 17 can pull off powder (skin has to be nearly perfect for it to sit well by itself on the skin.)  If you have acne or other skin texture issues powder never has and never will look good on top it.

3.) Go to Sephora and find someone to help you.  

This tip will save you 38293 million different ways.  I know some people hate spending $ on “expensive makeup” but you will spend just as much when you buy 2-3 wrong shade foundations at Target or Walgreens.  Tell a Sephora team member that your looking for a new foundation and that you need XYZ from tips #1&2.  And don’t be afraid to be honest with them. Tell them what you’ve tried in the past and why it didn’t work.

4.) Ask for an application of the foundation.

This is why I love Sephora, they will walk you through everything step-by-step.  They will color match you for the right foundation shade, show you what primer and what brush to use and they will apply it in store so that you can see how it looks and feels. This is huge guys, this takes out sooo much of your guessing work.


5.) Decide if you’re ready to purchase or ask for a sample.

If you feel unsure of how well you like the new foundation, ever-so-politely ask for a sample of it.  This will really give you a good idea of how well it stays and pushes you closer to a yes or a no.  But also keep in mind that if you don’t have the brush and primer that they originally used on you, the end-result could be much different.

Following the above steps should help you decipher not only what you need but how you want your makeup to look.  When you feel confident about yourself, it’s makes you feel more presentable to the world.  Polished and professional – that’s my kinda gal! 😉 

Top Picks For Foundation:


Favorite Drugstore Foundation

IMG_2372I’ve tried a lot of different foundations, both high-end and drugstore brand.  I’m a big believer in that you don’t have to wear an expensive foundation everyday.  Drugstore foundations are a great substitute for pricier products and by having two different formulas you extend the life of your more expensive one.

I wanted to share the love of my current favorite drugstore foundation because it has both great coverage and staying power.  The Revlon Colorstay Foundation is a foundation well worth it’s $12.99 price tag and it has a great color selection.  A lot of drugstore foundations can run on the pink-undertoned side but this one is pretty spot on.

I purchased the color #150 in Buff and it was the tiniest bit too light for me, but I use it as an undereye highlight and mix the rest with a darker foundation I already have.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match your foundations on your hand and apply it with a brush.

The formula shown above in the picture is for Normal to Dry skin but I would actually categorize it as a matte foundation.  If you are naturally oily, purchase the Combo/Oily formula.  This is a great one to try for summer too, since we are in a high temperature season.

Have you tried this before? Comment below and let me know what you’re favorite drugstore foundation is!

Please note: the review stated above is not a sponsored post.  The opinions are solely my own and I receive no compensation for it.


My Most Asked Question

What is my most asked question? It has to do with makeup and because I am a makeup artist I get asked this question by almost every client that sits down in my chair:

“What is your favorite makeup line?”

At first, I always answered with Makeup Forever. Then, as the years went by, I changed my answer to “I could never pick one, I like certain products from every line.” However, now I am at a point in my career where something keeps pulling me back to Makeup Forever.  It is in my opinion, the best pro line any artist or novice could use. Here’s why…

Their Primers:

I would say that Makeup Forever’s face primers are comparable to the Smashbox face primers, which is Sephora’s #1 selling primer.  There is a primer for EVERY skin type and it also includes color correctors, perfect if you have skin tone issues.


Their Foundations:

The Makeup Forever foundations are some of the best I’ve ever used in my entire career.  The formulas are thin but cover very well.  They are buildable and they come in a variety of finishes: matte, satin, and natural.  You can also pair these with their powders, also available in a natural, translucent or matte finish.


Their Eyeliners:

The Makeup Forever eyeliners, another one of my absolute favorites! They are creamy, pigmented and waterproof!  They also come in 20 different colors in the pencil alone! Their liquid liners and cream pots are also fabulous!


Their Lipliners:

25 colors, creamy, easy to use and waterproof…need I say more?  They also make a reverse invisible lipliner that you can wear with ANY lipcolor.  You use it by lining the outside perimeter of your mouth to prevent any dreaded feathering!



Combine the above with over 100 different lip shades and glosses online, a full-volume mascara collection, the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever used, bulletproof cream eyeshadows, and highly-pigmented eyeshadows and blushes and you’ll see why I love this line so much!


Comment below if you use anything from Makeup Forever and tell us why you love it!



Essential Summer Makeup

IMG_2129Summer is the best time of the year in my opinion. It means staying outside longer than inside, it means baseball games (both Royals and Little League), it means pretty flowers in front yards and it means swimming as much as you can before you turn into a fish.

But it also means hot. Very hot.  Like, as soon as I get into my hot car I’m going to asphyxiate and die, hot.

You deal with it, because summer only comes around once a year and you also have to live your life, right?

Today I am going to make your life MUCH easier.  I want to introduce my two new best friends to you.  They are the Becca Cosmetics Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector and the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation.

With these two products you shouldn’t need to set your makeup with a powder, at all.  The Becca primer acts like a vacuum that sucks up excess oil as soon as you apply it to your skin. It makes your skin tacky & dry, perfect for this humid heat!  You want to rub it in your hands very well and then apply it quickly over your face.  Then apply the mat velvet foundation with a brush over that.  I love this mat velvet formula because I’ve never worn a foundation that mimics skin texture SO well.  It literally looks like you have nothing on, in the best way possible.

Once you are done with these two products, your skin feels perfect.  The foundation doesn’t crease, doesn’t slide and it covers imperfections like a dream.  If you happen to have any super dry areas on your face (like your cheeks) apply a little extra moisturizer before you use the primer, it will smooth out the area better. Once you are finished your makeup will feel weightless giving you the confidence you need to head out the door!