Winter has hit and we are making up for lost time with the warm fall season that we had.  Today I’m sharing tips that will help keep your skin soft and hydrated.  What’s most important is that you stay consistent with these steps.  Consistency will make the biggest difference and it’s what your skin needs during the constant stress of the cold.


This is more important to do if you are already normal or dry skinned.  If you’re prone to excess oil you don’t have to include this step, but for those who feel tight and dry after using their face wash, it’s vital to switch to something creamier.  It’s also helpful to cleanse and moisturize morning and night so that you can wash away excess impurities but to also use that second time to moisturize.  See my recommendations here and here.



Friends, I don’t know why all lotions do not contain an exfoliator within themselves.  Pure genius I tell you.  This one that I recently bought contains malic acid which helps to slough off flaky, ashy skin.  If I could exfoliate every hour of the day then I would…this is the next best thing.  This link that I’ve included gives you a selection of all their yummy scents as well!


Whether you’re applying moisturizer to your face or your body, it’s always best to incorporate an oil into it during the wintertime.  This makes a huge difference in how your skin feels.  If you’re applying it to your face, put it on very last after your moisturizer.  For larger areas like your body, put several drops into your lotion and massage it in.  I also love to nuke the lotion & oil in the microwave for a few seconds before I put it on, so comforting!

For face oil recommendations click here and here.  For body oil recommendations, click here.


Incorporating a weekly mask into your skincare routine will do wonders for your skin.  There is no magic number here but I would advise using a hydrating mask like this 2-3 times a week, depending on how dry you feel.  If you’re too tired to rinse if off before you fall asleep, just cleanse your skin the morning after like you normally would.

Click here to purchase this one or here to purchase this one.


And there you have it!  Four simple steps to keep your skin in prime condition for the holidays. Comment below if you have any rituals or products that you swear by for these cold winter months.  Now on to more important things, like gift wrapping and hot cocoa…

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Skin Ammo :: What To Keep In Your Arsenal


I love to read. I am such book nerd. And one thing I REALLY love to read about is beauty & skincare & health.  And what I love even more is sharing the information that I learn.  When it comes down to it, what’s better than learning? Nothing really, right?

So in the past few months I’ve done some research and what I’ve stumbled upon is something that I had to share with my readers.  Something that I think personally, every person should own (I’m talking males and females.)  I am talking about the power and fascination of OILS!!

Any time I can cut out unhealthy chemicals and swap in natural ingredients I am thrilled to do so.

All-natural oils do just that and can help cut out so many toxic ingredients we absorb every day. I know all of you oily/acne sufferers are shaking your head right now but just hear me out. You need to set out and find an oil that works for your skin type.  There are so many oils out there and they can do wonderous things for all skin conditions.

Oils are great for: hydration (duh), hydration for oily skin when it has been dried out by acne medication + products, dullness, flakiness, texture, for men – softening the beard and preventing ingrown hairs pre & post shave, plumping the skin, soothing sensitive skin, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, and even smoothing out your foundation.

Here is a list of a few of my favorite oils, I recommend them to almost every person who comes into my spa and I love incorporating them into my year-round skincare routine!

1.) Josie Maran Argan OIl and Argan Oil Light $40+ 


I love this brand of oils because they immediately absorb into the skin.  They are not heavy by any means and the light version is great for people who are oily and acneic.  *Please note, it’s a complicated explanation, but most often oily skin can be balanced out by adding hydration back into the skin.  Skin is very much like a thermostat and if you moisturize correctly, it will stop producing excess oil to hydrate itself.

2.) Tarte Maracuja Oil $48


This oil is probably my favorite of all time.  I have dry skin and my skin drinks this up like iced tea on a hot summer day!  The oil itself has an amazing texture to it, almost bubbly.  I love putting a few drops into my foundation to smooth out the appearance of it and the maracuja fruits helps to brighten the skin as well. It’s also gluten free!

3.) CoverFX Custom Infusion Drops $48


While I haven’t personally tried this product yet, I was blown away by the reviews on  31/39 people gave it 5 out of 5 stars!  That is a great stat for a beauty product!! This one contains vitamin E, chamomile, cucumber, and a blend of 4 different oils combined. It’s perfect for those who are sensitive and really want to calm their skin.  I read in one review that a user puts 2 drops of this into her acne cream at night, genius!

If you’re scared to purchase an expensive oil, hit a local Sephora store and ask for the “Beauty-to-Go” size.  They often have a small, trial size version of their most popular products for people to try at a lower price point.  And if nothing else, you can ask for a sample to try out before you buy it as well (perfect if you’re oily and scared to commit.) 



All-Natural Solutions for Pregnancy Acne

acneEvery woman that has ever been pregnant will probably give you a list of 3-5 things they “wish someone would’ve told them before they got pregnant.”  They might laugh and joke with you about their “list” but joking aside, some side effects of pregnancy can be agonizing.  

Like morning sickness…all day and all night

Like body exhaustion and the consideration of buying a chair for your shower because taking a shower is just “too much work”

Like shortness of breath…when you’re sitting down doing nothing…

As an esthetician I knew there was a good possibly that acne hormones could take over at any second with this pregnancy as I had major acne with my first pregnancy that resulted as a miscarriage.  To my surprise, I’ve remained acne-free on my face much to the dismay of my chest and back.  I expected acne on the face, but the chest and back??  With warmer weather on the calendar in the months ahead I’ve got to get a head start on this.

Pregnant women have “special” rules and because nearly all of the ever-so-popular acne products contain chemicals that preggies can’t use, it makes fighting acne difficult.  On top of that, the increase in pregnancy hormones can very well cause an influx of oil production that is VERY hard to combat…just know that you can only do so much while pregnant to fight it. So I’ve decided to compile a list of my top solutions for fighting acne and using natural alternatives that won’t harm Little Foot and will hopefully make you feel more confident about the skin you’re in.  Please note, this post is also great for anyone who isn’t pregnant but IS fighting acne.

1.) Get facials and pregnancy-safe chemical peels regularly.

I can’t express this point enough.  Even if you only book one facial or peel your entire pregnancy, it does so much to help deep clean the skin and slough off poorly-textured skin. Both facials and peels eliminate excess oil, eat at flaky skin and allow for further penetration of skin care products. Would you ever paint a desk without sanding it first?  No.  Your skin is the same way, the smoother and more exfoliated it is, the better your products (expensive or not) absorb into the skin.  Facials are great because the steam massage cleanse helps underlying acne rise to the surface but also revives dull skin in the process.  The Passion Peptide Peel available at Blush uses fruit enzyme acids to not only resurface the skin and produce a healthy glow, but it also helps fight and dry out acne.  You could aim for one 60-minute facial or peel a month or for one each trimester.  If you want relaxation, book a facial, if you want more results, book a peel.

*Booking a service with a professional also helps avoid unwanted scarring from picking which happens when you don’t know what you’re doing.  Pros know when it’s time to extract and when it’s not, which brings me to my next point…

2.) Use a product that contains Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C not only brightens skin (perfect when you were zapped of that pregnancy glow due to morning sickness) but it also helps fade dark spots, i.e.- acne marks!   This is a great antioxidant to include in your routine that will help treat existing marks and prevent ones later down the line.

3.) Implement a daily simple skincare regimen.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, fight the urge to overwash your skin.  So many oil-fighters try to wash and wash and scrub and scrub their way out of acne.  No, no, no.  Not only are you overstimulating the glands, you are also further inflamming existing acne.  Friends don’t let friends over-scrub.  Use a gentle cleanser in the morning and night and put MOISTURIZER on immediately.  Yes, yes, yes.  Just make sure it’s oil-free.  If you don’t moisturize your body will again over-compensate and produce MORE oil.  Also take it a step further and make sure that none of your makeup products contain oil.  Natural oils are ok for the skin, like the Tarte Maracuja treatment oil, but ones concocted in a lab from 9-5 are not the kind you want on your skin nor in your system.

4.) Keep it clean.

Clean your cell phone daily with an antibacterial wipe, switch your pillowcases regulary, don’t sleep on your hair (it traps the pores making you more prone to sweating and clogging), don’t sit on your hand on your desk at work and don’t let anyone touch your face.  That last one might seem weird but it probably happens more than you think.  The only people in the entire world that are allowed to touch my face are my delicious nephews, other than that, all bets are off.  That includes my husband.  And my hair.


5.) Use apple cider vinegar as a toner.

I love this tip because you probably already have it in your kitchen, am I right?  Keep some in your bathroom and soak a cotton pad to roll across the skin for a refreshingly clean feel on the skin. Again, because it’s anti-bacterial and an astringent, make sure you are putting some type of moisturizer on afterwards.  You can dilute it in a bottle if it feels too strong for your skin and it’s great to throw in a spray bottle for hard to reach areas like your back.

6.) Exfoliate 1-3 times a week using an all-natural scrub.

There are thousands of recipes online for DIY acne scrubs but let’s get real, you’re far more likely to have baking soda, honey, and cinnamon in your cupboard than you are to have turmeric, tea tree oil, and fresh mint leaves to exfoliate. When you have it, you use it.  Mix the first three ingredients to a paste and use a spot treatment, or just mix baking soda and water to a paste and use as a scrub. Easy peasy. The honey and cinnamon are both antibacterial while the honey helps to hydrate.

7.) Cut out dairy.

I’m not going into major detail with this but I will tell you that the hormones our animals are pumped with are the same hormones that we as humans ingest.  On top of that, eating dairy alone causes excess mucus and oil production.  You’re welcome.  If you can’t cut it completely, switch to organic and limit cheese on foods.  Almond milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk and can be used in just about anything: smoothies, coffee, cereal, pasta, baking goods and oatmeal. Just be sure to buy a low-sugar brand.

Here are a few suggestions when buying skincare products at the store…




Uses organic green tea, chamomile and aloe vera to soothe redness and irritation.  Balances the pH of the skin and eliminates need for a toner, gently exfoliates.

Available at Blush



Gentle, non-drying, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic.

Available at Target.



I know this says shampoo and body wash but because The Honest Company is so great about using gentle and pregnancy safe chemicals, it’s great to use as a face wash as well! It gives a gentle, yet thorough cleanse.

Available at and Target



Deeply hydrates while preventing future inflammation, hyperpigmentation,

and the excess production of sebum.

Available at Sephora

S P E C I A L   T R E A T M E N T S



I know this sounds weird to use on your face but work with me here.  The spray contains aloe leaf which is great for soothing and witch hazel to use as an astringent.  You can dilute it with water if you feel like it’s a little strong for your face but it should work great on any other body acne.  I’ve use this a few times and it feels and smells great! Matter of fact, I need to run to Target…

Available at and Target


lapis oil

Contains german blue chamomile that serves as an antibacterial agent and helps to prevent future breakouts.  This is non-pore clogging and helps to balance and hydrate oily skin.  This facial oil also helps reduce redness and broken capillaries.

Available at



I recommend dabbing this onto a Q-tip and applying it to only existing breakouts.  The best part is that this little gem is only $10!

Available at




This is maybe the greatest moisturizer you will ever use.  It is so lightweight on the skin but yet it quenches skin like no other.  I love putting this on before I put my makeup on.

Available at Blush



Great for hydration.  Contains only pure argan oil. Again, natural oils help to balance and re-hydrate the skin much like a thermostat would.

Available at Sephora



I love how this is multi-purpose and if you only use it for your face, it might last your whole pregnancy!

Available at and Target

E X F O L I A T O R S 



Clay-based cleanser that contains tiny jade rice granules to help slough off dead skin.  This cleanser also helps to regulate sebum and contains an anti-aging blend.  Use more often if you are extremely oily.

Available at



“Supercharged heavy-grained clay cleanser” that works a little harder on body acne.  Use this scrub and the cleanser above as a mask to reap full benefits.  Leave on up to 30 minutes and scrub off in the shower.

Available at

Sound off below, what products do you swear by for pregnancy?