Acne: 3 Tips You Haven’t Tried

Some of us who suffer from acne can easily feel defeated.  Sometimes we try and try and feel that nothing is working…but today I want to offer 3 tips that you hopefully haven’t tried.  They are tips that help to conceal and diminish the appearance of your tiny friends and will make you feel more self-confident when stepping out the door.






Ever so often I will come across clients who are just being too hard on their skin.  They’re frustrated with their complexion so they scrub and scrub or apply topical treatment like crazy.  Here’s the thing, less is more and skin is smarter than we think.  If you start to incorporate a few gentle, soothing products into your lineup your skin will notice a huge change.  Sometimes acne is as red as it is because we are irritating it so much!  Once you start using products to cool and calm the skin your redness will go down and so will your dislike for your skin.  This tip includes not using a strong acne cleanser every time you cleanse, not cleansing/scrubbing your face more than twice a day, and not using strong topical acne medications that burn your skin.  Give your skin a break and it will reward you.

Quick tip: look for products that contain soothing ingredients like aloe, green tea and chamomile to calm the skin.  It is best to look for these ingredients in products such as cleansers and serums.





Here’s the thing – if acne didn’t cause such discoloration we probably wouldn’t notice it so much, right?  But every time we get a new “friend” the redness and swelling (not to mention scarring caused from picking) is one of the hardest things to conceal.  This is where we bring in our special teams enforcement.  This is where the sunless tanner comes in!  The sunless tanner will do a fantastic job of covering redness and dark spots and also allows you to use less foundation/concealer in the morning, allowing your skin to breathe.  Some women like the look of their skin after applying sunless tanner, so much so that they don’t even need or want to wear foundation, and that’s perfectly ok!  If you give your skin a break from pore clogging makeup products, you might also find your culprit!

Quick tip: make sure the sunless tanner you purchase is specifically made for the face.  Our favorite brand is the St. Tropez sunless tanner and some women are ok to use the body tanners on their face but it’s all individual.  Test is out before any important events to see how your skin does with it.





Saving the best for last – this is a tip that is easy, accessible, and free!  It’s very simple, and all it takes is two medium to large sized ice cubes.  You will hold them in your hands and massage your face in the morning with them until your ice runs out or until you’re done holding cold ice cubes.  By using the ice we are reducing swelling, redness and even pain.  This is no different than icing a swollen ankle and it works well because you can do this day and night and it’s extremely gentle on the skin.  This is also a great tip for pregnant women who can’t use harsh acne products!  The best part is that the ice also tightens and closes pores, and who doesn’t want that?

Quick tip: if the ice feels so strong for you in the morning, throw a metal spoon into your freezer at night and use that the next morning instead.  The spoon is easy to hold and allows you to hold it on an acne mark while you use your other free hand to brush your teeth or apply eye makeup, etc.



Your Best Wedding Day Makeup Ever

Photo by Ink Studios, LLC.

We’ve all read those timelines a million times, how and what to get done before our big day…But today’s list is going to be a little bit different in that we’re going to cover some ideas that you probably haven’t thought about.  These are points that I always discuss with my bride and they always seem to be in agreement.

1.) This is the most expensive day of your life and you need to look like it.

Am I recommending that you hire the most expensive vendors and max out your card buying the most expensive things you can find? No. But I am suggesting that you look like it with your hair and makeup.  For most people their wedding gown will be the most expensive garment they will ever purchase, so in that case in doesn’t make sense to apply tinted chapstick to complete the look.  Follow the advice of your hair and makeup team and decide on a look that pulls everything together.  A classic chignon or a full-volume blowout always looks like a million bucks and won’t break the bank.  And don’t be afraid to go heavier on the makeup and trust the pros when we add more than you would on a normal workday.  Pretty jewelry is always my favorite accessory on a bride too.  I wore my jewelry as soon as I could on my wedding day because I felt so amazing in it!

Photo by Jana Marie Photos


2.) Lip products are what make the look.

On the day of your wedding you’ll want to be sure that you have your back-up lip products near you or on you at all times.  You can buy a beautiful clutch to keep it in and hold, or you can give it to your Maid-of-Honor.  Lips are important because they always complete the look and it keeps you looking fresh in photos.  After your makeup fades towards the end of the night your lipstick/lip gloss will keep you looking polished and beautiful.  And 9 times out of 10 if people see photos of the reception of you and your lipstick on they’ll assume everything else has stayed on perfectly well.

Clutch by Clara Kasavina


3.) Invest in your skin, get chemical with it.

I know this sounds obvious but it is so often overlooked.  If there’s ever a time to invest in your skin it is this period of your life.  Regular facials and a chemical peel here or there will do wonders for your skin (and your self-esteem.)  Here’s the kicker – you have to start as soon as you get engaged.  Most couples are engaged for a year.  This gives plenty of time to not only establish a consistent routine but also allows time if you happen to have a bad reaction with a product or treatment.  For the record, I have yet to have a bride ever do so. Setting up a peel schedule truly gives skin amazing results and it will yield a beautiful texture on your skin like nothing else.  The smoother your skin looks the better your foundation lays and stays on!  Perfect for close-ups such as this…

Photo by Jordan Alexandra Photography





Winter weather has hit and we need to start giving our skin the TLC it needs!

Did you know that 70% of your overall skin health is comprised of your at-home routine?  70% of what you do at home determines how healthy your face looks.  The other 30% spent in the treatment room is important for two main reasons.  One, it determines how well our skin absorbs product and two, it also allows a custom treatment best suited for our skin’s current needs.

The holiday peel special at Blush is perfect for the winter months because:

  • The fruit enzymes in the peel eat away at dry, flaky skin.
  • It’s safe for any and everyone to use, including pregnant women.
  • Great for acne.
  • It dries out oily areas where it needs to.
  • It resurfaces and smooths out your skin texture, reducing pore size and revealing a more flawless complexion with makeup on or off.
  • It brightens and it tightens.
  • It aids better absorption of at-home products, making the $ you spent on them more effective.
  • It softens, allowing the skin to feel more soothed and hydrated.

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Q&A Video Session Part 3

In part 3 of the beauty + skincare questions you submitted, I cover my favorite all-natural brands and how to find the right serum for your skin type.  I also include a fabulous tip for keeping your skin well hydrated!


March Special


It’s a new month and I couldn’t be more excited to reveal the special for March.  This month it’s all about CHEMICAL PEELS and I am thrilled for all of my friends here on the blog to jump in and really see what they’re about!

If you’ve never had a chemical peel before you may not know how great they can actually be for your skin.  During this treatment, your skin is initially cleansed and prepped for the peel to fully penetrate.  Chemical peel solutions are a thin watery-like substance and are applied to the face for 5-10 minutes.  Depending on the strength and intensity of the peel, you can feel slight to moderate activity on the skin along with a warm flushing.  The peel is designed to exfoliate thoroughly and slough off dead skin that cannot fully shed itself. The peel is then removed and followed with a cooling mask to calm the skin.  Much like a regular facial, it ends with several nourishing and skin smoothing products to hydrate and soften the skin.

In the following days (usually at day 3) you will experience light to moderate peeling and flaking of the skin. The stronger the peel, the more you will peel.  March is perfect weather for a “peel season” because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold outside.  Extreme weather can aggravate skin and you’re not tempted to be outside too long anyway as you would in the summer when it’s nice out.

Along with thorough exfoliation, chemical peels are also great for: reducing fine lines and scarring, minimizing dark spots/sun damage, lightening melasma, stimulating collagen and elastin (what makes your skin firm and plump), brightening and tightening the skin and allowing other products to penetrate deeper (which is great for the expensive moisturizer that sits on your bathroom shelf.)

Blush Spa is featuring two peels this month, the Image Skincare Passion Peptide Peel (just a tune-up) and it’s great for anyone and I mean ANYONE! Teens, acne, brides, pregnancy, sensitive, first-timers…you name it! Most people experience little to no peeling with this one. $50

The other peel (deep clean & squeaky clean) features the Image Skincare Signature 4-Layer Facial Peel.  This peel is a bit more intense treatment and will produce a greater amount of “flaking” with an added retinol booster.  $55

Call/text 785.393.9991 to book!

Also for the month of March, the blog and spa will be “going green” and giving insight to all things healthy and clean in the beauty world.  As always, Blush Spa loves to pamper and treat it’s clients so anyone who checks into the spa this month before their appointment and includes the hashtag #luckyatblush and why you’re feeling lucky on Instagram or Facebook will receive a FREE all-natural spearmint lip balm scrub!!

Here’s to being heathy, clean and green this month!

XOXO, Lindsey


All-Natural Solutions for Pregnancy Acne

acneEvery woman that has ever been pregnant will probably give you a list of 3-5 things they “wish someone would’ve told them before they got pregnant.”  They might laugh and joke with you about their “list” but joking aside, some side effects of pregnancy can be agonizing.  

Like morning sickness…all day and all night

Like body exhaustion and the consideration of buying a chair for your shower because taking a shower is just “too much work”

Like shortness of breath…when you’re sitting down doing nothing…

As an esthetician I knew there was a good possibly that acne hormones could take over at any second with this pregnancy as I had major acne with my first pregnancy that resulted as a miscarriage.  To my surprise, I’ve remained acne-free on my face much to the dismay of my chest and back.  I expected acne on the face, but the chest and back??  With warmer weather on the calendar in the months ahead I’ve got to get a head start on this.

Pregnant women have “special” rules and because nearly all of the ever-so-popular acne products contain chemicals that preggies can’t use, it makes fighting acne difficult.  On top of that, the increase in pregnancy hormones can very well cause an influx of oil production that is VERY hard to combat…just know that you can only do so much while pregnant to fight it. So I’ve decided to compile a list of my top solutions for fighting acne and using natural alternatives that won’t harm Little Foot and will hopefully make you feel more confident about the skin you’re in.  Please note, this post is also great for anyone who isn’t pregnant but IS fighting acne.

1.) Get facials and pregnancy-safe chemical peels regularly.

I can’t express this point enough.  Even if you only book one facial or peel your entire pregnancy, it does so much to help deep clean the skin and slough off poorly-textured skin. Both facials and peels eliminate excess oil, eat at flaky skin and allow for further penetration of skin care products. Would you ever paint a desk without sanding it first?  No.  Your skin is the same way, the smoother and more exfoliated it is, the better your products (expensive or not) absorb into the skin.  Facials are great because the steam massage cleanse helps underlying acne rise to the surface but also revives dull skin in the process.  The Passion Peptide Peel available at Blush uses fruit enzyme acids to not only resurface the skin and produce a healthy glow, but it also helps fight and dry out acne.  You could aim for one 60-minute facial or peel a month or for one each trimester.  If you want relaxation, book a facial, if you want more results, book a peel.

*Booking a service with a professional also helps avoid unwanted scarring from picking which happens when you don’t know what you’re doing.  Pros know when it’s time to extract and when it’s not, which brings me to my next point…

2.) Use a product that contains Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C not only brightens skin (perfect when you were zapped of that pregnancy glow due to morning sickness) but it also helps fade dark spots, i.e.- acne marks!   This is a great antioxidant to include in your routine that will help treat existing marks and prevent ones later down the line.

3.) Implement a daily simple skincare regimen.

Whether you’re pregnant or not, fight the urge to overwash your skin.  So many oil-fighters try to wash and wash and scrub and scrub their way out of acne.  No, no, no.  Not only are you overstimulating the glands, you are also further inflamming existing acne.  Friends don’t let friends over-scrub.  Use a gentle cleanser in the morning and night and put MOISTURIZER on immediately.  Yes, yes, yes.  Just make sure it’s oil-free.  If you don’t moisturize your body will again over-compensate and produce MORE oil.  Also take it a step further and make sure that none of your makeup products contain oil.  Natural oils are ok for the skin, like the Tarte Maracuja treatment oil, but ones concocted in a lab from 9-5 are not the kind you want on your skin nor in your system.

4.) Keep it clean.

Clean your cell phone daily with an antibacterial wipe, switch your pillowcases regulary, don’t sleep on your hair (it traps the pores making you more prone to sweating and clogging), don’t sit on your hand on your desk at work and don’t let anyone touch your face.  That last one might seem weird but it probably happens more than you think.  The only people in the entire world that are allowed to touch my face are my delicious nephews, other than that, all bets are off.  That includes my husband.  And my hair.


5.) Use apple cider vinegar as a toner.

I love this tip because you probably already have it in your kitchen, am I right?  Keep some in your bathroom and soak a cotton pad to roll across the skin for a refreshingly clean feel on the skin. Again, because it’s anti-bacterial and an astringent, make sure you are putting some type of moisturizer on afterwards.  You can dilute it in a bottle if it feels too strong for your skin and it’s great to throw in a spray bottle for hard to reach areas like your back.

6.) Exfoliate 1-3 times a week using an all-natural scrub.

There are thousands of recipes online for DIY acne scrubs but let’s get real, you’re far more likely to have baking soda, honey, and cinnamon in your cupboard than you are to have turmeric, tea tree oil, and fresh mint leaves to exfoliate. When you have it, you use it.  Mix the first three ingredients to a paste and use a spot treatment, or just mix baking soda and water to a paste and use as a scrub. Easy peasy. The honey and cinnamon are both antibacterial while the honey helps to hydrate.

7.) Cut out dairy.

I’m not going into major detail with this but I will tell you that the hormones our animals are pumped with are the same hormones that we as humans ingest.  On top of that, eating dairy alone causes excess mucus and oil production.  You’re welcome.  If you can’t cut it completely, switch to organic and limit cheese on foods.  Almond milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk and can be used in just about anything: smoothies, coffee, cereal, pasta, baking goods and oatmeal. Just be sure to buy a low-sugar brand.

Here are a few suggestions when buying skincare products at the store…




Uses organic green tea, chamomile and aloe vera to soothe redness and irritation.  Balances the pH of the skin and eliminates need for a toner, gently exfoliates.

Available at Blush



Gentle, non-drying, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic.

Available at Target.



I know this says shampoo and body wash but because The Honest Company is so great about using gentle and pregnancy safe chemicals, it’s great to use as a face wash as well! It gives a gentle, yet thorough cleanse.

Available at and Target



Deeply hydrates while preventing future inflammation, hyperpigmentation,

and the excess production of sebum.

Available at Sephora

S P E C I A L   T R E A T M E N T S



I know this sounds weird to use on your face but work with me here.  The spray contains aloe leaf which is great for soothing and witch hazel to use as an astringent.  You can dilute it with water if you feel like it’s a little strong for your face but it should work great on any other body acne.  I’ve use this a few times and it feels and smells great! Matter of fact, I need to run to Target…

Available at and Target


lapis oil

Contains german blue chamomile that serves as an antibacterial agent and helps to prevent future breakouts.  This is non-pore clogging and helps to balance and hydrate oily skin.  This facial oil also helps reduce redness and broken capillaries.

Available at



I recommend dabbing this onto a Q-tip and applying it to only existing breakouts.  The best part is that this little gem is only $10!

Available at




This is maybe the greatest moisturizer you will ever use.  It is so lightweight on the skin but yet it quenches skin like no other.  I love putting this on before I put my makeup on.

Available at Blush



Great for hydration.  Contains only pure argan oil. Again, natural oils help to balance and re-hydrate the skin much like a thermostat would.

Available at Sephora



I love how this is multi-purpose and if you only use it for your face, it might last your whole pregnancy!

Available at and Target

E X F O L I A T O R S 



Clay-based cleanser that contains tiny jade rice granules to help slough off dead skin.  This cleanser also helps to regulate sebum and contains an anti-aging blend.  Use more often if you are extremely oily.

Available at



“Supercharged heavy-grained clay cleanser” that works a little harder on body acne.  Use this scrub and the cleanser above as a mask to reap full benefits.  Leave on up to 30 minutes and scrub off in the shower.

Available at

Sound off below, what products do you swear by for pregnancy?