Blushing Bride :: Miss Roxanne

Each new bride that I am blessed to work with brings me joy as I carve, create and sculpt her face.  Every bride is unique and every bride has her own signature beauty.  This wedding has to be one of my favorites to date because of how well Roxanne kept everything simple yet beautiful.  Classic beauty never goes out of style…

All Photos by B. Sharp Photography

Makeup: Blush Spa

Hair: Alisha Zielinski for Salon FX

Floral: Teresa Lyons

Location: Schwinn Produce Farm


Blushing Bride :: Miss Lindsey

Lindsey got married on a beautiful November day last fall and I have to say, the pictures from her day are exquisite.  Truly, I think it’s a combination of all of her lovely details but it’s also probably just because she’s a beautiful bride!  Lindsey and her hubby Ryan were married on Thanksgiving weekend and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, nor the scenery.  Kansas City never fails a back drop for photos.

Photos by: Kelly Jackson Photography & Easton Studios

I mean, does this picture not melt you into a million pieces?

Gotta bring the pooches, am I right?

Sisters, and maids of honor…

The look on her face is just priceless, so sweet!

Heading to the reception while her makeup still looks fresh & beautiful!

Fun Fact: Lindsey & Ryan had their reception at the same place my hubby & I did!  I know I’m biased but isn’t it just gorgeous?

Congratulations to the beautiful couple, may your marriage be as beautiful as your wedding day was! Xoxo


BLUSHing Bride :: Hilaire

coming soon

This weekend I spent my Saturday dolling up one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever worked on.  You could call her my muse.  She goes by Hilaire but I would still call her my muse.  Hilarie and her family kept me smiling all morning on her wedding day and it’s days like these that make me realize how truly exciting my job really is.  I get to be a part of someone’s best day of their life every weekend.  What a blessing. Cheers to you & Eric, Hilly!

Makeup Deets : I am happy to share some of my favorite products that I used for Hilaire’s bridal makeup.  Good products are worth the investment and ever so vital for wedding day pictures.

Foundation : Bobbi Brown Pro Foundation Palette – I blended a custom color using a mix of concealers, this gives great coverage when applied correctly and with a light hand.

Concealer : Bobbi Brown Pro Foundation Palette Concealer – Used underneath the eyes, center of the forehead and center of the chin.

Eyeshadow Makeup Geek

Liner : MAC Blacktrack Fluid Line Cream Liner – My absolute favorite eyeliner for getting a sharp, smooth line.

Mascara : Loreal Voluminous Waterproof – You don’t need a heavy mascara if you’re using great eyelashes.

Lashes : Eyelure Lengthening Lashes in #155

Lips : Nars Lipstick & Lip Gloss 

Blush : “Hervana” by Benefit


The #1 Mistake

Hi Lovelies!

Today I want to talk about the #1 mistake women makeup with their makeup…whether you are in the corporate world or a stay-at-home mom, this rule applies to everyone!

The #1 mistake we as women make is not wearing lip color everyday! If you’re wearing makeup, you NEED to apply lip color to seal the deal and create a polished look.  It’s much like a picture with no picture frame, or not dotting your I’s & crossing your T’s, you just HAVE to do it!

Compare pictures of yourself with and without lipstick on, it’s  a huge difference! Lipstick gives color to your face and freshens your look like no other product can.  I’ve attached a few pictures below of some of my favorite lip color looks & I think they compliment the overall look perfectly…enjoy!







Q&A Video Session Part 3

In part 3 of the beauty + skincare questions you submitted, I cover my favorite all-natural brands and how to find the right serum for your skin type.  I also include a fabulous tip for keeping your skin well hydrated!


Q&A Video Session Part 2

I’m back to answer more beauty + skincare questions!

In this video I cover my favorite brands for concealer, tinted moisturizer and sunscreen!



Question and Answer Video Session

Let’s talk shop, shall we?

I am answering your beauty & skincare questions today & I broke it down to 3 videos because I LOVE talking about skincare and makeup!


Liquid Foundation Tutorial

Hey Guys!

In the video below I show how to apply liquid foundation of which you can use ANY brand of liquid foundation with this technique.  I also explain how to add a quick + natural contour to your everyday routine.



Jade + Tanner :: Kansas City Wedding Photo Shoot

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Photography : Melissa and Beth

Makeup : Blush Spa

Hair : Locks by Lisa

Flowers : Beyond the Bloom Florist

Event Space: The Gallery Event Space 

I am so happy to be able to finally share these beautiful photos from a shoot I had the pleasure of recently working on.  If you’re new to the ABC television show The Bachelor + The Bachelorette, you may not recognize these two love birds.  But for those who do follow “Bachelor Nation” and have been rooting for “Janner” since day one, this is going to be a sweet treat for you!

View More: More:

As soon as we started hair and makeup we started gabbing on all things about the show.  Jade told us what a typical day was like and when Jade first met Tanner on the show, the season only ran for two months.  Two months might seem like an amazingly short time to meet the love of your life and start a lifelong relationship with someone but being in a room around both of them together was nothing short of magical.  Jade still had an intense bridal glow from looking at Tanner across the room and nothing melted my heart more than when Tanner took his own photos of Jade in her dress on his phone (as if he couldn’t wait for the final product from M&B.)

Jade and Tanner were so great to work with and much like any other regular wedding day, the groom kept his feet up for most of the morning while we took our time with Jade’s hair and makeup.  Jade wanted a very natural, fresh look and loved my idea of using eye-opening false lashes to make her look a little more glamorous.  I love this trick for any bride because most girls love the idea of keeping it fairly natural but still want something that sets them apart from every other day of the week.

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View More:      I tried on a few different pairs of lashes and settled on Vegas Nay “Classic Charm” shown below. My best tip as a makeup artist is to take the time to really find a pair that fits YOUR eye shape well.  90% of the time lashes need to be horizontally trimmed and this makes the biggest difference in how well the lashes adhere to your eyes.  Every eye shape is different, what works for one bride doesn’t always work for the next.

classiccharmAnother great tip that I love for brides is using a dark brown/chocolate eyeliner to rim the eyes. Using black by itself can sometimes look harsh and cold while the brown works wonders to warm up the eye color and skin.  If you normally stick with black liner, try switching it out and see what you think!

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The photo shoot was held at the beautiful Gallery Event Space in the Power and Light District in KCMO.  This is a wonderful space to hold weddings and events and the day of the shoot there were several staff employees onsite as well as an event taking place across the hall.  When it came time for Tanner to put his suit on, he had trouble remembering how to tie a proper bowtie.  We searched high and low for someone who could tie it for him…finally we found a (real) young gentlemen to come in and save the day.  Gentlemen take note: if you want to win a girl over, this is a superb way to charm her with your Dapper Dan skills.

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Looks like he got it tied! 😉

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Would you be shocked to know that Jade had previously bought this string of beads in her hair from a Michael’s store?  She had seen a look similar from a photo and wanted to re-create it for this shoot.  Brides take note: you don’t always have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks!  Our hairstylist, Lisa, was so talented and creative and intricately looped and swooped the long string in and throughout her updo.

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Another great tip for bridal makeup, find a lip color combination that you love (most likely it will need to be liner, stick and gloss all together) and wear it several days and weeks before your wedding.  The right wedding day lip color will match any makeup look you go with, whether it be smokey and dark, or light and natural.  In my opinion, the perfect bridal lip color isn’t too brown but isn’t too pink, and contains a little bit of a gloss overlay.  The stick gives color while the gloss adds dimension.  Lip liner seals the deal by framing your lips and keeps them from appearing “lost” on camera.

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Last but not least, make sure you are adding a little warmth to your skin by adding a little bronzer to the high points of your face and including blush with it.  You cannot have one without the other for your wedding day, no excuses whatsoever.  One of my favorite tricks in the entire world is to contour with a foundation color a few shades darker than your actual skin tone.  I love this for several reasons but mainly because it will yield the most natural look on the skin and doesn’t require powder application (which can easily look cakey in photos.)  If you’re new to the contouring world, start with liquid products – powder can easily look dull and flat on the skin, not to mention ruddy!  I can’t say enough great things about a liquid or cream contour and it’s a great way to “fake” a seamless line with your brush.

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 And now for a few photos of the new couple, Mr. & Mrs. Tolbert…

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Cheers to the happy couple! 



2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

The only thing that I love more than makeup, is love…and maybe Valentine’s day.  The pink, the red, it’s a combination that’s only displayed once a year and it’s the only time you get both love letters AND chocolate.  Ahhhhh!

So I’ve put together an amazing 2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.  This ah-dorable list has a little something for everyone and every item on this list falls under $40 so that we can all feel the love this year!

1.) “Hello Gorgeous” Jewelry Tray $12.95  

I love this jewelry tray for not only jewelry but for lipsticks and lip glosses as well.  It’s a piece that would look beautiful sitting out on your vanity or on your nightstand table by your bed. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to wake up to “HELLO GORGEOUS” every morning?


2.) Lilly Pulitzer Headband $18

Does this gift really need a caption? My only problem is that I can’t decide which one is cuter. These headbands are fun and flirty and are even great just to wear around the house because it makes you feel a little more “frou frou.” And we all need more frou frou in our lives, don’t we??

 3.) Kate Spade Floral Tumbler $18

I don’t know what it is but I just LOVE cute water bottles and tumblers.  I think it’s one of my love languages.  I would drink water like a camel if I had this in my hand all day! It just doesn’t get any prettier than this cup…


4.) Gilded Arrow Bangle $39 

You need this bangle because #1, every time I wear it I get compliments, #2 it matches everything, whether you want to dress up or dress down and #3 it’s great to wear with other bracelets, or just with your watch. This is also a perfect gift to give your girlfriend if she just got engaged!

*Also please make sure you are shopping under Leslie Dohrn as your personal stylist.  She just so happens to be my wonderful sister that introduced me to Stella & Dot! And, if you want your order here by V-Day, be sure to order by 2/8 to receive it in time!


5.) ColourPop “Frida” Satin Lipstick 



You guys, THIS color is perfection!! I’m always telling my friends and clients that everyone needs a perfect pink…one that doesn’t fall to brown nor too frosty on the skin.  A color that you can throw on (without a mirror) and you know it will look good no matter what…This lipstick does just that! And the fact that it’s only $5 bucks knocks my socks off!!

It’s also a satin finish which makes it great for date night and doesn’t require you to carry around gloss with it.


*ColourPop does have a coordinating lip pencil to match each lipstick shade so be sure to order one of those too!  Here is the link for that…

Here’s to wishing you a happy and lovely 2016 Valentine’s Day!