Brush Care 101 :: How to Make Your Tools Last

If there’s ever a topic that comes up more often than smokey eyes in my chair, it’s how to care for your makeup brushes.  Whether you’re spending $5 or $45 dollars on a brush, it is extremely important to take care of it like a newborn child.  Ok maybe not that gentle but, somewhere along those lines.  Bottom line – the better you care for something, the longer it lasts. 

Here is a tip to make sure your brushes are getting cleaned every week which can be an easily forgotten chore…

Wash your brushes every Sunday for the week ahead and then lay them out to dry before Monday morning.   This way, you know every week they are getting cleaned and you don’t have to remember the last time you washed them, whether it was last Tuesday or the Wednesday before that.

For all of my time sensitive friends who are strapped during the week and month to keep clean brushes – clean your foundation brush 2-3x a week and keep a bottle of brush spray cleaner with tissues at your makeup station.  You can either hand wash your foundation brush with mild soap and water, or you can clean it with a daily brush cleaner and tissue.  You can then wash all your other brushes you are using like eyeshadow brushes and blush brushes with just the cleaner and tissue.  Because these types of brushes aren’t usually used with a liquid/cream product it’s easier to get away with just using the spray. Simply saturate the tissue with a moderate amount of cleaner and swirl your brush into the tissue until no more product comes out.  Squeaky clean.


Clever tip – you can even use Isopropyl Alcohol in a clean spray bottle if that’s easier for you but do not use it very often on your liquid brushes, it’s too harsh.

If you are doing your deep wash Sunday cleaning, you will point the brush under warm running water and pump a drop of mild (preferably natural) soap into your opposite hand.  Do not use antibacterial soap, it is too harsh and strips the brush of it’s softness.  Swirl the brush into the soap and create a large lather.  I add a little water to the soap while I’m doing this and continually swirl the brush in my hand. Depending on how dirty the brush is, I do this a few times and then rinse the brush as much as possible with clean water.  At any point that you are washing brushes, do not dip the brush upside down and do not let water run into the ferrule where the adhesive sits, this will wear the brush down very quickly and the hair will begin to fall out.

Clever tip #2 – you can also occasionally wash your brushes with your hair conditioner after you’ve cleaned them.  This makes the brushes superbly soft and is a must-do if you’re using a dry hair brush similar to the ones bareMinerals makes.  Just be sure to rinse it well and don’t use too much conditioner.  If you do it can prevent you from picking up any product once you’re ready to use it.

I then lay all of my brush out to dry on a flat surface on top of a clean towel.

As I’ve mentioned before in my “Top 3 Brushes That Will Save Your Life”  post, the preferred brush spray cleaners that I use are from Sephora brand and Sonia Kashiuk.  Below is the link to to both brush cleaners.






October Favorites 2014


Happy Fall Y’all!

Not only is it the month that I get to watch my favorite movie over and over (Hocus Pocus, duh) it’s also the month that you officially can start changing up your hair & makeup routine for fall.

These 5 products are something that I have been using and loving for the past few weeks (with exception of the LORAC lip wand) and I am so so so in love with these products.  If they were my kids they would be getting stars on their sticker charts everyday.

Let’s get started!!

1.) Palladio “Berry Pink” Blush $5.99 Available at Ulta


Oh Em Gee. This blush is quite possibly the most gorgeous color I’ve EVER found.  It’s an insane price and it will compliment every skin tone. (Dark skin tones, be sure to layer for more color and avoid looking ashy.) There is one teeny tiny drawback, it doesn’t have supreme staying power. But then again maybe I just can’t get enough and I never want it to go away.  This color will make you look like a million bucks with a grey/navy/plum/chocolate/latte smokey eye.  I’ve been using it on brides lately and it is absolutely stunning on.  For $6 bucks you won’t regret trying it!!

2. LORAC “Violet” Pro Matte Lip Color $16 Available at Kohl’s or Ulta


It’s probably only a matter of seconds before I leave typing this post and go purchase this gorgeous purple lipstick.  Purple lips are like calorie free cheesecake in my mind.  It’s a no brainer.  Nothing brightens your skin and eyes more than a hue like this one.  If you’re scared to try, layer with a berry toned gloss to dull the brightness OR use it as a cream blush and apply with your fingers.  For all of you scratching your head- a cream is a cream, all makeup products are interchangeable.

3.) Sonia Kashuk Brow Gel $5.99 Available at Target


We all know my love affair with Sonia Kashuk at Target.  What blew me away is the fact that this is such a duplicate of the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel and it’s $18! This one is nearly 1/3 of the price and it works JUST as well!! The only difference is the wand, Benefit’s has a super tiny one and Sonia’s is similar to a large mascara wand.  Don’t mess around, this stuff is a game changer for sure.

4.) Navy Liner


Navy liner for fall is like stuffing your face with a funnel cake at the fair…you just have to.  Navy has insane brightening properties for the whites of the eyes and for the actual eye color itself.  Shown here is the Bare Minerals Round the Clock liner in “Noon.”  The best way to start using it is by tightlining the top and bottom of your lids.  I did it in the pictures below and you would never guess I have blue eyeliner on.  I recommend this one by Bare Minerals or any of the pencils from Mally Beauty.  And the best part is, Mally Beauty has ALL of her eyeliners 25% off for the month of October!


5.) It Cosmetics Foundation Brush $48 Available at Ulta


Guys, this brush.

 Forget anything I’ve ever said about previous foundation brushes.  If you need full, full coverage, this is your co-pilot.  This brush is so densely packed that it gives the smoothest, most flawless finish I’ve ever had.  It’s a lot of $ but when you need full coverage you know price doesn’t matter.  I use it for liquid foundations only, I have yet to try a powder with it.  This brush takes maybe 6 seconds to fully apply and makes your coverage perfectly even.  Praise be to the makeup brush gods.

Anything you’re eager to try or you’re using this Fall? Let me know in the comments below!