Blushing Bride :: Miss Roxanne

Each new bride that I am blessed to work with brings me joy as I carve, create and sculpt her face.  Every bride is unique and every bride has her own signature beauty.  This wedding has to be one of my favorites to date because of how well Roxanne kept everything simple yet beautiful.  Classic beauty never goes out of style…

All Photos by B. Sharp Photography

Makeup: Blush Spa

Hair: Alisha Zielinski for Salon FX

Floral: Teresa Lyons

Location: Schwinn Produce Farm


Blushing Bride :: Miss Lindsey

Lindsey got married on a beautiful November day last fall and I have to say, the pictures from her day are exquisite.  Truly, I think it’s a combination of all of her lovely details but it’s also probably just because she’s a beautiful bride!  Lindsey and her hubby Ryan were married on Thanksgiving weekend and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, nor the scenery.  Kansas City never fails a back drop for photos.

Photos by: Kelly Jackson Photography & Easton Studios

I mean, does this picture not melt you into a million pieces?

Gotta bring the pooches, am I right?

Sisters, and maids of honor…

The look on her face is just priceless, so sweet!

Heading to the reception while her makeup still looks fresh & beautiful!

Fun Fact: Lindsey & Ryan had their reception at the same place my hubby & I did!  I know I’m biased but isn’t it just gorgeous?

Congratulations to the beautiful couple, may your marriage be as beautiful as your wedding day was! Xoxo


Acne: 3 Tips You Haven’t Tried

Some of us who suffer from acne can easily feel defeated.  Sometimes we try and try and feel that nothing is working…but today I want to offer 3 tips that you hopefully haven’t tried.  They are tips that help to conceal and diminish the appearance of your tiny friends and will make you feel more self-confident when stepping out the door.






Ever so often I will come across clients who are just being too hard on their skin.  They’re frustrated with their complexion so they scrub and scrub or apply topical treatment like crazy.  Here’s the thing, less is more and skin is smarter than we think.  If you start to incorporate a few gentle, soothing products into your lineup your skin will notice a huge change.  Sometimes acne is as red as it is because we are irritating it so much!  Once you start using products to cool and calm the skin your redness will go down and so will your dislike for your skin.  This tip includes not using a strong acne cleanser every time you cleanse, not cleansing/scrubbing your face more than twice a day, and not using strong topical acne medications that burn your skin.  Give your skin a break and it will reward you.

Quick tip: look for products that contain soothing ingredients like aloe, green tea and chamomile to calm the skin.  It is best to look for these ingredients in products such as cleansers and serums.





Here’s the thing – if acne didn’t cause such discoloration we probably wouldn’t notice it so much, right?  But every time we get a new “friend” the redness and swelling (not to mention scarring caused from picking) is one of the hardest things to conceal.  This is where we bring in our special teams enforcement.  This is where the sunless tanner comes in!  The sunless tanner will do a fantastic job of covering redness and dark spots and also allows you to use less foundation/concealer in the morning, allowing your skin to breathe.  Some women like the look of their skin after applying sunless tanner, so much so that they don’t even need or want to wear foundation, and that’s perfectly ok!  If you give your skin a break from pore clogging makeup products, you might also find your culprit!

Quick tip: make sure the sunless tanner you purchase is specifically made for the face.  Our favorite brand is the St. Tropez sunless tanner and some women are ok to use the body tanners on their face but it’s all individual.  Test is out before any important events to see how your skin does with it.





Saving the best for last – this is a tip that is easy, accessible, and free!  It’s very simple, and all it takes is two medium to large sized ice cubes.  You will hold them in your hands and massage your face in the morning with them until your ice runs out or until you’re done holding cold ice cubes.  By using the ice we are reducing swelling, redness and even pain.  This is no different than icing a swollen ankle and it works well because you can do this day and night and it’s extremely gentle on the skin.  This is also a great tip for pregnant women who can’t use harsh acne products!  The best part is that the ice also tightens and closes pores, and who doesn’t want that?

Quick tip: if the ice feels so strong for you in the morning, throw a metal spoon into your freezer at night and use that the next morning instead.  The spoon is easy to hold and allows you to hold it on an acne mark while you use your other free hand to brush your teeth or apply eye makeup, etc.



Well This Is Kind Of Embarrassing…



Ok I have to admit, it’s a little embarrassing what I’m posting today.  I’m 30 years old and it was only a few months ago when I tried my first extra-long curling iron.  I know it might not seem like a big deal but I pride myself in trying all of the latest and greatest…and let me tell you this iron makes a world of a difference!  I received this BioIonic curling iron as a gift for Christmas & the one I got is six inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter and for me, this is the perfect size for the type of curl that I want.

And I can’t be the only one that loves this iron since it received fifteen 5 out of 5 star reviews on, that’s unheard of!

I know you might think this iron isn’t for you if you have shorter hair but let me tell you otherwise!  I love this iron for two reasons: the extra length allows you to curl all the way up to the root, saving time if not halving it, and it gets superbly hot.  From what I can tell the added heat curls the hair quicker and it makes it last longer throughout the day.  What else could you want in life?   With this iron we’ve cut our getting ready time in half and we’ve extended the life of our hairstyle/blowout.  I would say this iron will work best for hair that is collarbone length or longer.  The iron I have allows you to pick your heat level and I always choose the hottest, which is 430 degrees.  If you’ve recently colored your hair or if it’s in a more fragile state you can pick a lower setting but I am more than pleased with how well this iron works on my platinum blonde hair.  There will be a tiny bit of a learning curve as working with a longer (hot) iron is a bit challenging, but it’s nothing that takes longer than a day or two.  I also love this specific iron because the clamp follows all the way to the end.  Some extended irons don’t have that feature and it’s just less of a headache for me to have to worry about where I’m letting it clamp shut as I’m curling it all over my head.  Quick & easy and I’m out the door!

To view similar irons click here. 

To purchase the above iron, call or text 785.393.9991.


The C Factor :: Desirae

Oh this girl, this girl, this girl, this girl.  Everybody in their life should have a friend this good. Everybody in their life needs a friend who shows up the way Desirae does. I am beyond proud to feature her in today’s C series because she truly is the most amazing person I know. For those of you who don’t know, “The C Factor” is a series here on the blog that highlights successful, confident, motivated women.  The example that she’s set for me as a friend (and just plain human being) is one that I will forever be grateful for and I don’t take for granted.  I am the left puzzle piece and she is my right.  She’s my person.

So minus the gushy gushy stuff, I hope that your read today’s interview and realize how and where you can make your life better.  It’s not a competition but a challenge on how much pride you can take in your own life.  Where can you reach?  How can you better prioritize your time?  Take a few lessons from the girl who does it on the daily, the busiest person I know…This girl keeps her schedule packed but it’s all for a good cause, all to make a positive dent in this world.  She spends her days teaching 3rd grade (only the bravest survive) and her nights leading bible study.  On the weekends she serves as an usher at her church and also volunteers for “RECESS” a respite care program for kiddos & families there as well.  She’s also involved in robotics and cooking programs at her school and in her “free time” she nannies, runs 8 miles a day and writes for her own blog at Rookie Rieke.  Be sure to check out her blog where she writes about life in Dallas, adventures in bargain shopping and “that single life.”


What is the best compliment someone ever gave me?
The best compliments that I’ve ever been given have come from my students.  I spend my life praying that they will learn, grow, and most of all know that they’re loved.  It’s hard to pick one compliment, because young children are so full of them!  I adore their pure hearts and their ability to see beauty in the most simple of things.  But a moment happened the other day when one of my kids was telling me how she she would miss me over Spring Break.  I asked her why and she simply said “because I’ll miss your hugs and your smile.”  That melted my heart because she complimented my character and the way I love her.  She let me know that she feels it and believes it. For me, nothing says “job well done” more than that!
What are two words that I would use to describe myself?
Determined and compassionate.  There have been many moments in my life that that have tested my faith and endurance, but I’ve been determined to overcome.  I don’t believe in taking the easy way out, and I don’t believe in giving in.  I believe that if you want something you have to work for it!  I’m also very compassionate.  I believe the Lord gave me a heart that yearns to understand, comfort, and love other people.  I find the most joyful moments come when I can be of some resource to others.
One good deed that I have done for someone?
It’s difficult for me to answer this question because I feel like good deeds go both ways.  When you do something for someone else, more times than not, it actually ends up blessing you, too.  One exchange in particular stands out to me and that is when I had the opportunity to donate bone marrow.  I entered the Be The Match bone marrow registry in 2011 and in 2012 I was notified that I was a match for a woman in Montana.  That year was a particularly dark time in my life, and being notified that someone needed ME was nothing short of a God thing.  I went through the process, donated my marrow via the PBSC method (much like giving blood), and waited.  Over a year later, I got the call from my recipient.  She, Kristi, was alive and well!  That phone call changed my life.  She thanked me for saving her life, but the funny thing is that she saved mine, too.  I love our story because it reminds me of how each of us is here for a specific purpose!
One thing that most people don’t know about me…
One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I didn’t have braces until I was 27 years old.  I grew up in a very humble home where we had all we needed and not much more. Growing up in such a way is something I would never change.  The best parts of me were shaped by parents who did all they could with what they had.  That being said, as a child I never had the opportunity to have braces.  I LOVE laughing and smiling, but growing up I often covered my mouth in embarrassment.  While some friends would complain about their wires being uncomfortable, I secretly prayed I could experience such discomfort!  Finally, for my 27th birthday, I bought myself Invisalign.  It may seem silly, but finally having straight teeth has been one of the biggest confidence boosters ever!
How do you handle a hard day/day at work?
After 30 years of life, I feel that I’ve finally figured out the best recipe for hard days.  First, you  have to be okay with the fact that they’re going to happen!  I have found it imperative to arm myself every morning for whatever is ahead.  I start the day in the Word, reminding myself of God’s promises. And yes, He promises that things won’t always be easy! He says that in this life, we WILL have trouble (John 16:33), but in the VERY next breath He tells us to “take heart” for He has overcome the world. How sweet is that?  A warning and a reminder!  Next, I get ready for work by listening to Kari Jobe Pandora. These two things start my day with an armor of strength and peace.  Then, if the day unfolds with difficult situations, I pray, I text my best friend, and I remember that I’m here for God’s work.  Being a teacher, that “keep-my-sanity” cycle sometimes happens HUNDREDS of times throughout the day!  But knowing yourself and what to do is half the battle.  Then to end any day, especially difficult ones, I like to either go on a long run or go to my cardio kickboxing class. There is something very empowering about being active and just sweating it all away!
What is your greatest strength?
My greatest strength is my ability to see the positive in situations.  Finding the silver lining is pretty automatic for me, thankfully.  There have been moments in my life that felt almost impossible to find the good in, but I’ve learned that you see what you look for.  We all have the choice of how to view life. Choosing to look through the positive lens is a lot more fun.  Trust me! 🙂
How do you handle criticism?
Criticism has always been a double-edged sword for me.  I love learning and growing, but I am also a perfectionist and always want to do things right the first time!  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned how to embrace it with grace and gratitude.  Watching how my students respond to criticism has also helped me in the sense that they trust the source (me), they listen to me, and then they try again.  It’s been huge for me to listen to only trusted sources of criticism because, quite frankly, someone is always going to have something less-than-peachy to say.  Some people just lurk and judge, and others are truly trying to help make you better.  I’ve realized it’s up to me whom I listen to! 🙂
Do you do anything to build self-confidence?

I do many things to build self-confidence!  I love that this is one thing no one else can do for me.  I start from the inside and work my way out.  As mentioned above, I strongly believe in reminding myself of Truth as often as I can.  I also take my physical health very seriously.  I haven’t always known health, and now that I do, I see it as a gift that I don’t want to take for granted! I eat things (for the most part) that I’d want my daughter to eat, and I take every opportunity to workout.  But if for some reason I’m feeling less confident, I always do a soul-check, because nine times out of ten, the problem starts there.  If I’m confident in my walk with the Lord, everything else falls into place.

What does it take for you to perform at your best?

Coffee.  Is that an okay answer?!  Haha.  No, but really I feel the best when I get good sleep (8 hours), have a warm cup of coffee during quiet time, and fuel my body well.  I truly believe that when your mind, body, and spirit are well feed, you can do anything you set your mind to!

You can follow Desirae on Instagram here, and her blog on here! 


Ooh, Baby Baby!

I know you all might think I’m losing my mind but today’s post is dedicated entirely to baby wipes…

Laugh if you will but these little superstars do wonders for those of us in the makeup world (and extends easily beyond that, but that’s a whole other post.)  More specifically, I want to talk about the baby wipes that are sold by the Target “Up & Up” generic brand.  I don’t know what it is about these little cloths but they last an eternity and they feel like cashmere.  They are very thick and it makes their durability last forever.  So much so that it makes me never want to throw it away when I’m using it because it has Energizer bunny powers.  I once had a mom tell me, “I could clean my whole house with one of those wipes!”

Let us celebrate all the ways we can appreciate these amazing wipes (in the name of beauty):


  • Use a wipe to clean your makeup products, drape the wipe around your finger and use it to clean the edges of eyeshadow, compacts and lipstick tubes
  • Spray a wipe with alcohol and use it to sanitize your lip and eye pencils
  • Use the wipe to clean the inside & outside of your makeup bag
  • Add a drop of your regular eye makeup remover to the cloth and use it to gently remove eye makeup.  This lasts infinitely longer than toilet paper and it’s easier to store than paper towels in your bathroom
  • Use the wipe to remove super stubborn eye makeup by wrapping it over your pinkie or a Q-tip for hard to reach areas
  • Use it to clean your lash curler (genius!) It also de-gunks lip brushes like a charm
  • Use it to wipe the eyeshadow fallout from doing your eye makeup, you won’t believe how much actually falls down
  • Use it to wipe of your lips after you’ve applied foundation, again, you won’t believe how much actually transfers over.



Your Best Wedding Day Makeup Ever

Photo by Ink Studios, LLC.

We’ve all read those timelines a million times, how and what to get done before our big day…But today’s list is going to be a little bit different in that we’re going to cover some ideas that you probably haven’t thought about.  These are points that I always discuss with my bride and they always seem to be in agreement.

1.) This is the most expensive day of your life and you need to look like it.

Am I recommending that you hire the most expensive vendors and max out your card buying the most expensive things you can find? No. But I am suggesting that you look like it with your hair and makeup.  For most people their wedding gown will be the most expensive garment they will ever purchase, so in that case in doesn’t make sense to apply tinted chapstick to complete the look.  Follow the advice of your hair and makeup team and decide on a look that pulls everything together.  A classic chignon or a full-volume blowout always looks like a million bucks and won’t break the bank.  And don’t be afraid to go heavier on the makeup and trust the pros when we add more than you would on a normal workday.  Pretty jewelry is always my favorite accessory on a bride too.  I wore my jewelry as soon as I could on my wedding day because I felt so amazing in it!

Photo by Jana Marie Photos


2.) Lip products are what make the look.

On the day of your wedding you’ll want to be sure that you have your back-up lip products near you or on you at all times.  You can buy a beautiful clutch to keep it in and hold, or you can give it to your Maid-of-Honor.  Lips are important because they always complete the look and it keeps you looking fresh in photos.  After your makeup fades towards the end of the night your lipstick/lip gloss will keep you looking polished and beautiful.  And 9 times out of 10 if people see photos of the reception of you and your lipstick on they’ll assume everything else has stayed on perfectly well.

Clutch by Clara Kasavina


3.) Invest in your skin, get chemical with it.

I know this sounds obvious but it is so often overlooked.  If there’s ever a time to invest in your skin it is this period of your life.  Regular facials and a chemical peel here or there will do wonders for your skin (and your self-esteem.)  Here’s the kicker – you have to start as soon as you get engaged.  Most couples are engaged for a year.  This gives plenty of time to not only establish a consistent routine but also allows time if you happen to have a bad reaction with a product or treatment.  For the record, I have yet to have a bride ever do so. Setting up a peel schedule truly gives skin amazing results and it will yield a beautiful texture on your skin like nothing else.  The smoother your skin looks the better your foundation lays and stays on!  Perfect for close-ups such as this…

Photo by Jordan Alexandra Photography



Smart Makeup

We are all busy.  We all need products in our life that work and that we can count on.  I recently ran out of my sunscreen and I wanted to try something with a little color this time.  I did my research because I personally don’t love spending a lot of $ on something no one even sees.  I came across the Physician’s Formula Super BB Cream and I immediately knew I would like it.  I’ve tried similar products from them before and I love how they focus on cleaner ingredients.  With this BB cream there’s no artificial smell, it’s not greasy and it doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin.

But here’s where it becomes smart makeup…

It’s spf but it’s tinted, and it covers superbly well.  If you have to wear sunscreen you might as well wear a little tint to keep you looking fresh and polished with it.  Now every time I wear it I know I’ll look a little more put together if I have to run a quick errand.  It doubles as a face primer, which then gives you beautiful double coverage on your complexion.  Smart, smart.  And my favorite part is that the spf level is 30.  If you’re going to wear sunscreen it has to be a 30, nothing less.  I also love the price point, $13 means I don’t fret nearly as much as the $36 tinted Tarte primer that I’ve blogged about before.  Yes I would consider it a dupe for that which is a big win in my eyes considering that I named that Tarte primer that best product I’ve ever used.

The color that I purchased (light) does run a little pink on me so I am sure to blend it in well past my jawline and I’m careful to not put too much product there because of it.  If I wear it with my regular foundation the pink undertone isn’t a problem.  You can also save time by putting a drop of this on your hand along with your regular foundation and it helps with blending as well!

Let me know what you think!

For help on finding your perfect foundation, click here!


Fluttered Lashes

Every girl wants big lashes.  I don’t care who you are or where you come from, you want them.  Whether you apply several coats or you buy the most expensive mascara on the market, you do everything you can to get those lashes up and open.  Today’s trick is probably something you aren’t doing but I guarantee it will make you happier than you’ve ever been.

Insert: the spoolie brush.

This is your new BFF and ironically it might be the thing that causes you to cry happy tears after you use it.  I think most girls don’t include this step because A.) no one ever talks about it and B.) it’s “one more” step to add to their list.

But girls, I am here to tell you that it is  so, so worth the 30 extra seconds out of your day!  This brush separates and fans the lashes out so beautifully and it does so while extending the appearance of the lash.  Dare I say it, it smooths out the first coat of mascara that you apply so that you can put on several more.  (I realize everyone is different in their approach to makeup but using this after even one coat will make a huge difference!)

This beautiful brush will put you out $2 and it’s fairly easy to take care of (just wash and rinse with soap and water every couple days.) And don’t be afraid to use it on bottom lashes too!  The only rule when using this brush is to fan your lashes with it immediately after you’ve applied your mascara.  Once your lashes are dry this brush will be of no use to you.  So separate the lashes as they are drying and this will yield a cleaner, fuller appearance.  Insert red-dress-dancing-girl emoji here…

To read a post on my MOST-USED MASCARA, click here…


The Surprising Salon Service All Women Need…

I could’ve given this post a million different titles but let’s get down to business…there is a salon service that women are catching on to and it’s something that needs attention regularly.

I’m talking about your lip hair.

It needs to go.  There’s no reason to keep it.  You’re not saving it for anything are you?  This is something that is so easily overlooked but once it’s noted there’s no denying it.  ALL women have lip hair and they’re lying if they tell you they don’t.  Why is it so important to remove it?

Because all lip hair leaves a shadow.  And only until it is completely removed do you really notice the difference!  Take a hand mirror with you into direct sunlight and you’ll get a better idea of what I’m talking about (car mirrors work great too.)  The best part is that a lip wax is a quick service that can easily be added to your regular brow wax appointment!  Keep this service in your calendar and you will never fear direct sunlight again.

To schedule your lip and brow wax appointment, call or text 785.393.9991.

To purchase the mug from above, click here.