Fluttered Lashes

Every girl wants big lashes.  I don’t care who you are or where you come from, you want them.  Whether you apply several coats or you buy the most expensive mascara on the market, you do everything you can to get those lashes up and open.  Today’s trick is probably something you aren’t doing but I guarantee it will make you happier than you’ve ever been.

Insert: the spoolie brush.

This is your new BFF and ironically it might be the thing that causes you to cry happy tears after you use it.  I think most girls don’t include this step because A.) no one ever talks about it and B.) it’s “one more” step to add to their list.

But girls, I am here to tell you that it is  so, so worth the 30 extra seconds out of your day!  This brush separates and fans the lashes out so beautifully and it does so while extending the appearance of the lash.  Dare I say it, it smooths out the first coat of mascara that you apply so that you can put on several more.  (I realize everyone is different in their approach to makeup but using this after even one coat will make a huge difference!)

This beautiful brush will put you out $2 and it’s fairly easy to take care of (just wash and rinse with soap and water every couple days.) And don’t be afraid to use it on bottom lashes too!  The only rule when using this brush is to fan your lashes with it immediately after you’ve applied your mascara.  Once your lashes are dry this brush will be of no use to you.  So separate the lashes as they are drying and this will yield a cleaner, fuller appearance.  Insert red-dress-dancing-girl emoji here…

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