I know what you’re thinking, everyone always recommends going darker for the colder months…

But let me tell you…this is a modern-girl beauty blog & around here we like to keep things fresh.

I wanted to share some inspiration pictures from Pinterest because no matter what your base is, I think that going lighter with your haircolor lights up your face.  I know this look is too bold for most but take a few highlights into consideration.  Lighter locks add dimension to your haircolor and it warms your complexion up instantly.

And of course, I LOVE the idea of ice blonde for winter.  A grown up Elsa if you will?  Pairing it with a neutral black and cream wardrobe elevates your look and I also think dainty, delicate jewelry accentuates it well.

Because let’s be honest, this haircolor is the star of the show…





2 thoughts on “I’M INTO IT :: ICE BLONDE LOCKS

  1. LOVE this post & I totally agree with the blonde look for winter! I just got my hair done last week and was going for an icy blonde look (not quite this icy) and it’s pretty blonde but not as ICY as I’d like quite yet, going back soon for MORE. 🙂

    x – Leah

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