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I have a feeling this may be my most monumental post yet…

It all started when one of my expensive lip glosses was nearing empty.  This is not just any lip gloss. This is a lip gloss that I carry in my kit & I use it on almost everyone that sits in my chair. It is SUCH a great color and it’s so universal that I have yet to find someone it doesn’t look good on. The gloss in case you’re wondering, is by Bobbi Brown and the color is Buff 4.

So as I started to shop online and add it to my cart, I hesitated…YES I love this gloss but I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something similar but also cheaper…Don’t get me wrong, my kit is loaded with expensive products but lip gloss is one thing (in my opinion) that isn’t always worth the extra $ because no matter what brand I’ve tried, no gloss stays on forever. Lipstick is another story, I am happy to shell out Washingtons for those. But to me, lip gloss isn’t worth a ton of $ if you’re constantly reapplying anyway.

So I searched online for a duplicate…

A similar color but for less money…

And the makeup gods answered…


You GUYS! Seriously! Can we take a minute and appreciate these gorgeous colors that set us back no more than FIVE DOLLARS?? I was paying 6 TIMES that for one BB gloss!! These colors are the absolute perfect neutral and pair so beautifully with nearly ANY lipstick!

I decided to snap a few photos, both inside and out and with/without flash so that you could get a better look! Let me know what you think!

And in case you’re wondering, the shade I found to be most similar to the original Bobbi Brown is the NYX gloss in “Sponge Cake.” They are nearly identical, minus the fact that Sponge Cake has a gold sparkle in it. I am 100% ok with that because the gold fleck adds dimension on camera (and it’s also one of the reasons I layer lipstick with lip gloss.)

(Inside With No Flash)


(Inside With Flash)InsidewithFlash

(Outside With Flash)OutsidewithFlash

(Outside with No Flash)OutsideNoFlash

And one more just because they are so beautiful! I love the way they glisten in the sun! 😉

NYX Cosmetics can be found at Target and Ulta.

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