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Let’s cut to the chase – SPF is important, UBER important.  This post neglects to include the scary facts about skin cancer and damage because you should already know how dangerous it can be.  I am thrilled to share this product with you because it’s one of the best beauty products I’ve ever purchased.  Even though this spf is a spray, you still want to massage and warm it into the skin very well to make sure it applies evenly.  I wear this product every single day, whether I put makeup on or not.  I also apply it to my neck and chest because it absorbs so well and I want to keep those areas protected.

Here’s a quick breakdown of why I LOVE the Babyganics SPF 50 Spray:

  • Mineral-Based i.e.- extremely thin formula, doesn’t create white cast on skin
  • Specifically made for babies but it works well for any and everyone in the family
  • Thinnest forumula I’ve ever used – great for quick + easy application as well as hard to reach areas
  • Perfect for athletes – dissolves so easily into the skin during application, also easy to re-apply during the day due to it’s watery-thin texture
  • Perfect for working in the yard
  • Needs only 15 minutes to activate
  • No heavy spf smell
  • Can be applied over any skincare products included in your morning routine, just be sure to apply this last
  • Great price
  • No parabens or fragrance

Disclaimer – this post was in no way sponsored or endorsed.  I am extremely pleased with how well this products works for me and I am happy to share that information with my readers.

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