Did She Get Hair Extensions?

hair (1)A few weeks ago one of my dear clients walked into the spa and asked me “did you get hair extensions put in? Your hair looks so long.”

My response?

“No I didn’t, but God bless you.”

We’ve all had that feeling right? When someone gives us an amazing compliment and it takes us to the moon and back? #CanIGetAnAmen?

I will admit, my hair is looking the longest it ever has and I have to share an incredible product with you.  I am in no way getting paid for this post but please feel free to send green papers my way if you see this post Olaplex…

Here are a few snapshots of my hair (click on the pic to enlarge) and included is the MIRACLE product I’ve been using for the past few months –


Taddaaa! It’s the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector!

Y’all, I’ve tried EVERY single hair product there is on the beauty market.  I have bleached my hair for so many years, too many to count and this is the only product that has ever made a real difference in my hair.  *Please note, this is not a conditioning treatment nor is it a miracle growth hair treatment. The reason this has made my hair the longest it’s ever been is because it prevents breakage. When your hair is heavily-processed it becomes weaker and weaker, eventually breaking off and making it near impossible for any growing out potential.  Olaplex changes the makeup of your hair and actually strengthens your hair and it’s elasticity.  Your hair is less prone to “snapping and breaking” when you brush it (especially when wet) and also when you color and style it.

Ask your stylist about the No. 3 Hair Perfector and how to properly use it for your hair type. This product is not just for blondes, it works great on all hair types as well!

(Insert collective celebratory jump here.)

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