Non-Toxic Nursery

NTNToday I am thrilled to share with you a sneak peek into my son’s nursery and show you the products that I feel safe using on him.  The snapshot from above was taken of Mr. Baby’s changing pad dresser and it’s where I keep my most-used products at.  It’s perfect for when I need to quickly grab them during a diaper change.  Here’s a breakdown of my must-haves!

1.) Babyganics Eczema Care Skin Protectant Cream $10.49 

Goodness gracious y’all, I LOVE this cream.  I use it every time I give my son a bath and use it to lock in moisture after the heat from the bathwater has stripped his skin.  Baby skin is sensitive and you have to be quick with replacing moisture loss.  I love this cream because it’s more hydrating than a lotion and the colloidal oatmeal relives any type of rash your baby has.  Let’s do our happy dance together because it’s also free of cortisones, steroids, parabens, fragrance, sulfates and pthalates!

2.) The Honest Company Soothing Bottom Wash $9.95 

I use this product for the obvious, when my son has a #2 diaper and needs a little extra “cleanup.”  I’m a bit of a germ/clean/neat freak and it puts me at ease knowing that this gives my baby a little extra cleanse and spares me the time of having to do a bath after a bad diaper. I also love to use it when he leaks outside of his diaper to clean areas like his stomach and legs (I’m sure I’ll be less OCD when my 2nd kid comes along.)  And of course, you can use it for when lunch and dinnertime get a little too messy.  This one is a lifesaver and it’s also available at Target if you don’t want to order from the Honest company website.

3.) The Honest Company Face and Body Lotion $9.95 

The only lotion I will use, other than the babyganics brand.  It’s a very thin texture and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or artificial fragrance.  Great tip for sneaky moms – I also give this to my husband to use and I use it myself as well!  You don’t need to spend extra $ on expensive lotions marketed towards “adults,” it’s all the same and Honest is works just as great as any other brands.  I’m also a huge fan of their bodywash for bathtime!

4.) Purell Natural Hand Sanitizer $3.99

While I do love the Honest hand sanitizer, it can get a little pricey.  I love this as an alternative and use it after every diaper change.  It’s scented with essential oils and free of triclosan, parabens, and preservatives.

5.) Boudreaux’s Butt Paste $4.39 

Let’s be honest, this is the only diaper cream that works.  And it contains only FIVE ingredients which is nearly unheard of in the skincare world! No further explanation needed.


And can we sign off with these adorable diapers? I mean really, it doesn’t get any cuter than this! IMG_0712

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