Anatomy of a Chemical Peel


The March special is all about chemical peels and because I get so many questions on the ins and outs of peels, I thought this post would be a great way to show an peek into the “peel life.”

So I decided to document giving myself a peel and give you guys a little rundown of what to expect…

Here I am pre-peel…I had just gotten done with work and apparently I had something in my eye, hence the smudged mascara and red skin.

Now we jump into the peel – the skin has been cleansed and prep and I’ve applied the Image Signature 4 Layer Peel to my skin.  This peel has 4 layers of different products, each one designed to enhance the peel and I often massage the products in with my fingers to enhance penetration.

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There can be some misconceptions with chemical peels.  So many women think a chemical peel involves burning your face off in order to achieve glowing skin.  Sooo not the case.  This peel is a level 1 peel which means it yields very little peeling.  I added a retinol booster to mine and also added retinol creme to my finishing moisturizer.  This is great for people who really want to amp up their peel but don’t want to feel a lot of heat/intensity during the peel, and can still see great results after it.

Peel is off and finishing products are on! Don’t forget eye cream and and yummy serums to hydrate and smooth the skin!  This is pretty great for makeup free if you ask me! 😉


On day 3 (2 days after you’ve had your peel) you can expect to start peeling…everyone “peels” differently.  Some peel early, some peel late, and some don’t even peel at all.  I took a picture to capture my peeling.  You’ll notice it’s distinctly around the nose and chin area, the place it most often peels if it does.  I didn’t have peeling any where else.


I completely spaced and forgot to take a picture a few days after the peeling had completely ended but, you get the picture right?  Like the after picture shown above, skin is velvety smooth and plump.  This peel has been one of the best things I’ve ever done to produce a tight, smooth surface.  And the results are immediate! HELLO!

I’ll leave you with a little screenshot from a text a client sent me earlier this month…she recently found out she was pregnant and we decided to do a peel since her skin was already turning dull and dry.



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