2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

The only thing that I love more than makeup, is love…and maybe Valentine’s day.  The pink, the red, it’s a combination that’s only displayed once a year and it’s the only time you get both love letters AND chocolate.  Ahhhhh!

So I’ve put together an amazing 2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.  This ah-dorable list has a little something for everyone and every item on this list falls under $40 so that we can all feel the love this year!

1.) “Hello Gorgeous” Jewelry Tray $12.95  

I love this jewelry tray for not only jewelry but for lipsticks and lip glosses as well.  It’s a piece that would look beautiful sitting out on your vanity or on your nightstand table by your bed. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to wake up to “HELLO GORGEOUS” every morning?


2.) Lilly Pulitzer Headband $18

Does this gift really need a caption? My only problem is that I can’t decide which one is cuter. These headbands are fun and flirty and are even great just to wear around the house because it makes you feel a little more “frou frou.” And we all need more frou frou in our lives, don’t we??

 3.) Kate Spade Floral Tumbler $18

I don’t know what it is but I just LOVE cute water bottles and tumblers.  I think it’s one of my love languages.  I would drink water like a camel if I had this in my hand all day! It just doesn’t get any prettier than this cup…


4.) Gilded Arrow Bangle $39 

You need this bangle because #1, every time I wear it I get compliments, #2 it matches everything, whether you want to dress up or dress down and #3 it’s great to wear with other bracelets, or just with your watch. This is also a perfect gift to give your girlfriend if she just got engaged!

*Also please make sure you are shopping under Leslie Dohrn as your personal stylist.  She just so happens to be my wonderful sister that introduced me to Stella & Dot! And, if you want your order here by V-Day, be sure to order by 2/8 to receive it in time!


5.) ColourPop “Frida” Satin Lipstick 



You guys, THIS color is perfection!! I’m always telling my friends and clients that everyone needs a perfect pink…one that doesn’t fall to brown nor too frosty on the skin.  A color that you can throw on (without a mirror) and you know it will look good no matter what…This lipstick does just that! And the fact that it’s only $5 bucks knocks my socks off!!

It’s also a satin finish which makes it great for date night and doesn’t require you to carry around gloss with it.


*ColourPop does have a coordinating lip pencil to match each lipstick shade so be sure to order one of those too!  Here is the link for that…

Here’s to wishing you a happy and lovely 2016 Valentine’s Day!

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