The Holy Grail Hairstyling Brand


My sister and I both have thick, heavy hair. It’s a blessing no doubt, but unless you really “learn the ropes” of styling it you will forever fight the battle of limp, lifeless hair.

Until now.

I curled my hair on Christmas Eve for dinner with a 1.25 inch barrel curling iron and it hurts me to say that I don’t have any pictures of my hair from that night to show you. But I woke up the next day on Christmas morning and did about everything under the sun EXCEPT for touching (or even brushing) my hair. I got home later that night and couldn’t believe how good my hair looked. Here are a few iPhone pictures…



So what did I use to create these long lasting curls & volume?

Cue the-ever-fabulous Sexy Hair brand and it’s beloved

“Big Sexy Hair” Spray and Play: Volumizing Hairspray


Y’all. I can’t!!!

This stuff is amazing along with every other styling product they carry. I am a huge fan of this along with the Root Pump Plus mousse because it will yield serious volume results.┬áMy sister (pictured above with the bob) used the “Get Layered” spray and loves her results just as much as I do. Yes, she woke up with that hair too and it looks that good.

I have just a few rules for using the volumizing hairspray…

Section off your hair and spray it evenly, making sure that you don’t hold it too close to your head. The spray produces a very strange texture on your hair, almost like a freeze spray would. It will probably freak you out at first but here is the expert tip, brush out all of your hair AFTER you spray it. This will soften your hair and give it a better hold in your curling iron. I always brush my hair after I spray it. It just makes it so much more manageable. Then I spray my hair a few times (held far away) as I’m curling it and then again when I’m done curling to set it.

I can’t wait to see what new heights your hair reaches with the Big Sexy Hair brand!


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