One of The World’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets


We all know that hashtag that has been used all too excessively on Instagram & Facebook…

It sounds dramatic…and it is…

But if you ask any author of said hashtag, this post most often ignites a spark of passion and excitement…

I’m talking about:


When I started to think of an introduction for this post on one of the World’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets that’s honestly the first thing that popped into my mind.

I can’t:

believe I was spending a buttload of $ on eye makeup remover when I could’ve been using this instead…believe I was using a product that contained SEVERAL toxic chemicals to take my mascara off when I could’ve been using one single ingredient instead…believe that no one else really knows or uses this as their actual eye makeup remover because it’s SO easy…believe how inexpensive this is!

In case you haven’t figured it out…

I’m talking about using olive oil as your eye makeup remover!!!

I’m sure we’ve all heard it but how many of you guys have actually tried this??  It works so well, taking off any and every trace of eye makeup you have on including eyeliner and shadow! I love that it’s as “clean” and natural as you can get while costing next to practically nothing. The bottle pictured above is what I purchased from Target for about $5 bucks and it comes in a huge size, a whopping 17 oz.!  Do you know what size most eye makeup oil removers come in?  Anywhere from 3-4 oz.  So you’re getting about 6 times the size with the olive oil bottle at a fraction of the cost!! Annnnd it’s all natural. #icant. #icant. #icant.

Here are my top tips…

Wet a washcloth with warm water and apply about a 1/2tbsp of oil onto your washcloth.  Hold on each eye for about 30 seconds before you proceed to wipe off your eye makeup.  Then, use a different area of your wet washcloth to wipe off any excess oil.  (This should feel nice and soothing on your eyes since it’s still warm.)  Then, proceed to wash your face with your normal cleanser and water.  Be sure that you’re rinsing your eye area well, especially if you are oily or acne-prone.

And my favorite part about this cleansing process?  You are removing your eye makeup first so you don’t have to worry about black mascara/liner running all over your face and looking like that character on the cover of the American Horror Story tv show.


We’ve all been there.

Pass this post on to every one you know so that instead of spending our money on eye makeup remover, we can spend it on something more fun, like lipstick!!


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