Labor Day Rejuvenation




Labor Day is a weekend of relaxation, so what better way to celebrate than by giving yourself a little TLC? Here are a few fabulous ideas for truly enjoying your time off…

1.) Give yourself an at home mani/pedi by filling a large hot water bowl with all-natural body wash to soak in. Buff off dry skin and exfoliate with brown sugar and honey mixed from your kitchen. Apply lotion and spray with a peppermint mist.  This will energize your hands and feet, I promise!

Personal Favorite : The Honest Company Hand Soaps! 


2.)  Make a healthy meal. Include as many fresh veggies and fruits as possible.  What’s more calming than knowing you just gave your body the best fuel possible? Bonus points: swallow down a high quality multi-vitamin with it.

3.) Brush your teeth, plug in your ipod headphones and go for a brisk walk.  This might sound super weird but I LOVE exercising after I’ve just brushed my teeth.  I honestly feel it helps me breathe deeper and more efficiently.  Start your walk with several deep breaths and try to continue it for the entire session.

4.)  Make a large pitcher of cucumber water and chug it after your walk.  Your skin will thank you!

5.)  Send a hand-written note to someone you love.  Take your time and write it on pretty stationary.  It could be a thank you note or it could just be a sweet thought you had about something.

These See Jane Work “DoughNotes” Blank Notecards? #icant


Link :

6.) Declutter something.  This tip might not be for people who don’t enjoy cleaning and organizing, but for someone like me (borderline clean freak), decluttering and organizing is the most relaxing thing I can do!  Matter of fact, I would pick it over any other tip on this list!

7.) Wash your bedsheets.  Imagine if you made an effort to include several tips from the list above, taking a brisk walk…giving yourself a pedicure…cleaning out a messy closet…now imagine slipping into a clean warm bed with soft skin and a clean warm bed with heavenly scented sheets? This is my everyday utopia. I recently purchased this “greener” fabric softener from Target and it smells just how you would want your sheets to smell: clean, soothing and calming. I can’t stop using it!

Seventh Generation Fabric Softener with Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender


I encourage you to include these helpful tips into your everyday life, not just for labor day weekend.  What’s important is that you take the time to take care of yourself so that you have more to give to others! 

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