How To Get A Summer Lovin’ Glow


I honestly don’t think there’s anything I love more than a dewy + glowy + fresh makeup look.

Ok.  OBVIOUSLY my family and friends do not count in this list.

That aside – what is more beautiful than breathable complexion with a highlight for days? And for summer? Fuhgedaboutit.  Give me a tinted moisturizer, a beauty blender and a highlighter and send me on my way!

To get a look similar to the ones above is easier than you think.  Tinted moisturzers are perfect for summer because not only do they have spf, but they’re the lightest coverage you can get next to powder.  (I’m not a lover of powder foundation. I think most people use way too much, it doesn’t cover well, looks “cakey” and ages them too quickly.)

When you combine tinted moisturizer with a Beauty Blender and your favorite highlighting product and you’ve got a summer routine that’s achievable in seconds.  The skin will absorb both products faster than anything else and the Beauty Blender is great for really pushing the product “into” the skin as compared to “on top” of the skin.  It’s perfect when you want that truly natural look.



Tarte carries one of my favorite tinted moisturizers and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Sonia Kashuk liquid illuminator.  Here are two ways you can use the above 3 products…

1.) Mix both products onto your hand and blend with your wet Beauty Blender.  Stipple onto skin all over.  This method is a great way to “fake” a glow and works best for dry skin types.

2.) Apply tinted moisturizer in the same way as the same above, let dry.  Pump a drop of the luminizer onto your hand.  Stipple onto the top of your cheekbones (should sit on the outsides of the lower bottom corner of your eyes.)  This works best if you’re normal to combination skin, or oily.

You can also apply a bit of the illuminator to the apple of the cheeks and under and above your brow bone arches.  This goes for either skin type and is strictly a matter of personal likeness/opinion.

Disclaimer: When I use the world “stipple” I simply mean that you want to press and “dot” the product onto your skin.  You don’t ever want to lay the blender (or your makeup brush) onto your skin and do nothing but swirl it around.  The only thing that does is push the product around (and off!)  

Here is an amazing video of why Beauty Blenders are brought to you by the oh-so-talented makeup artist Kandee Johnson.  It also goes over why knock-offs are a waste of money and how to clean and use it properly! Enjoy!!

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