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With as many a bride that sits in my makeup chair I have an equal if not, exponentially greater amount of bridesmaids that sit in it before and after them.  Every girl needs her “gals” and I have the greatest time meeting and learning about the wedding parties I’ve had the pleasure to primp and polish.  If it’s hard to tell, I am as girly as they come so having the chance to have “girl talk” and “play with makeup” is my dream job.  Actually, is that a real job?? Lucky me.

I love how there’s a million pictures and posts on social media of bridal makeup but sadly there’s hardly ever a focus on bridesmaid makeup, which I think, is just as fun.  Bridesmaids always want to look beautiful, but they also want to look a little more enticing on their friend’s wedding day too.

Enter Miss Leah.

Oh cute and adorable and Leah.  She’s the classic case beautiful bubbly blonde.  And when she came in for this “Bridesmaid Makeup Inspired” look, she had been dating her boyfriend for over 6 years.  She had had her fair share of bridesmaid duties…

Until that week.

He proposed!

So now that I’ve had a chance to doll her up as a bridesmaid, I’ll get to do it again as a bride!! And easy for me, she’s going to look GORGEOUS no matter what she plans on wearing for her big day.  Let’s take a look at a picture that inspired this look, one that I found on Instagram and loved because hardly ever do I use gray eyeshadow.  And I thought this look was so beautiful and the fact that the artist used some type of cream or glossed eyeshadow gives it such a fresh + modern twist on bridesmaid makeup.


We started with my absolute favorite eyeshadow primer, the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray.  It’s a game changer. I’ve used almost every eye primer that Sephora carries and then some and nothing holds the product and produces pigment like this little dove does.  Go get it girls!!


$26 Available at Sephora or Ulta

I decided to play with a cream eyeshadow base and mixed a few shades together to achieve a look similar to the one on Leah.  I mixed a little bit of the Maybelline “Vintage Plum” on my hand and of Elf Cosmetics “Ain’t That Sweet” cream shadow.  Here are the colors below…


I ended up mixing the Vintage Plum shade with the shimmery Elf cream so that it would give off more of a glow on camera.  You want to be sure that when you’re using cream eyeshadow that you’re applying it with a cream shadow brush.  Nothing will make your job harder, if not impossible, if you’re not using one.  Here’s my favorite…


Pro Cream Shadow Brush #28  ::  $20 Available at Sephora


So I applied the creams from the base of her lash line up into a little bit above her crease.  You only have so much drying time with cream shadows so you need to apply it quickly.  Some women prefer wear cream eyeshadow because unlike powder, it doesn’t fall on your cheek below and there is no messy clean up.  Creams also have a greater staying power and they produce greater pigment as well.

Once the cream dries, you can set it with a translucent powder to prevent creasing and caking on the lid.  Once you do that, take a matte gray eyeshadow with a round crease brush and apply it into the crease of your eye.  This creates a little more depth and dimension and looks great on camera.  Make sure you fully blend that powder on top of your cream, otherwise it will look harsh and unblended.


If you fancy, you can add a highlighter shade into the brow bone and under your arch for extra glow and shape to the eye.  Next is the fun part, the eyeliner.  You can go back and use the vintage plum shade as a liner with a small angled brush or you could use a black or chocolate shade…plum and taupe would be equally pretty as well.

Again with 38293 options, use the same shade liner on the bottom or use the opposite.  If you did the vintage plum shade on top, use a taupe liner on bottom.  If you did black on top, use vintage plum on the bottom.  This is the only time I love math because the number of options are endless.

As always, set your liners with a similar shaded powder to prevent creasing and increase longevity.

Lastly, we ended with a peachy cream blush and matching lip color.  The overall look was dewy and moisturized so I kept that up with a very “glossy gloss” on the lips.

Leah4What do you think of Leah’s final look? Are you eager to try a cream blush for the first time? Sound off in the comments below!

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