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cbbannerThere is something so glamorous about an unlimited budget, top hair and makeup professionals, and an abundance of flowers to outshine the Steel Magnoilas wedding.  Celebrity weddings let us fantasize and wonder what a dream wedding really would be like.  I’ve put together a list of my favorite past celebrity brides who had exquisite hair and makeup on their wedding day (after all this is a beauty blog.) Each bride is so different, both in real life and in “fantasy world.” I hope brides that use social media to find inspiration can use this as a tool to help determine the look you’re trying to achieve for your big day. And I hope this list includes a few of your favorites too!


1.) Princess Kate Middleton


OBVIOUSLY the duchess is #1 on this list, she should be #1 on every list!  Because we all have images from the Royal couple’s big day ingrained in our minds I decided to post this rare photo of the Kate and Will after the ceremony when they were heading to the reception.  Kate has let her hair down and changed the top part of her dress.  How beautiful and radiant does she look? You may have heard that Kate worked with a pro makeup artist to practice and do her own makeup for her special day. I’ve included the tear sheet of the exact products Kate used below.  While I absolutely admire her will to look “normal” and like herself on her wedding day, I would STILL suggest hiring a pro.  I know I am biased but I did my own makeup for my wedding day and there’s times where I look back and regret it.  To think I could’ve kicked my feet up and had a mimosa during that moment makes me cringe.  You want as much pampering as possible on this day and having a pro takes away so much unwanted stress.



The perfume Kate wore, IlluMinum White Gardenia Petals.


2.) Hilary Duff


Although Hilary was a relatively young bride at the time she exchanged vows she managed to pick such a classic and timeless overall bridal look.  I adored her dress and it pairs SO well with her jewelry, hair and makeup.  A giant bun will always be in style (in my opinion) and she knew that because her hair was the star of the show, she needed to keep her makeup muted and complimentary to the hair.  If she would’ve paired her big hair with a bright or bold lipstick she would’ve been in line for Barnum & Bailey’s. Her eyes are soft and smokey and her light tawny pink lip color is one that compliments but doesn’t fight for attention.



And because I love pictures of people getting their hair and makeup done, here’s one of Hilary before she had her hair fixed and dress on.  Can you believe how much hair changes a look? Her updo takes her look to a whole new level.



3.) Ivanka Trump


Ivanka has very few pictures from her wedding day on the internet and it suits me just fine because this picture is worth more than a thousand words.  She is SO stunning and while her makeup look is extremely similar to Hilary Duff’s, her hair is entirely different.  Ivanka’s hair is such a classic/vintage style that it will look timeless in photos.  Ivanka just got it right with every avenue of being a bride.  Her skin complexion is luminous and hydrated.  I am betting she used a cream blush for her beautiful glow which also helps avoid cakeiness.  Her eyes are surrounded with shades of chocolate and she has a few individual lashes, maybe a tiny strip of lashes on the eye.  Her lip color is the perfect combination of both nude and pink so she doesn’t look washed out and I LOVE how she has a super glossy lip.  It’s the most fresh and modern thing about her look and I think she nailed it.

4.) Gabrielle Union


Ok, this look is 100% perfection e-x-c-e-p-t for the fact that I so so wish Gabrielle would’ve added a few long false lashes to the top of her lash line.  Other than that? One of the most gorgeous brides I’ve ever seen.  She kept it soft and simple with hair and makeup but yet she still looks polished and beautiful.  A soft taupey plum in the crease and a nude lip take you oh-so-far as a bride.  I love how her hair is just a tiny bit messy too.  It’s a trend I predict to see in future brides.


5.) Lily Aldridge


I almost didn’t post a picture from Lily’s wedding because she has very little to no makeup on. But, her overall look is so beautiful that I had to include it.  As an artist I love seeing brides in a million different ways and she definitely comes from the less is more family.  I love her hair down, soft and wavy, and she looks like such a romantic bride because she doesn’t look too “frou frou.”

6.) Chrissy Teigen


Oh Em GEE. Chrissy Teigen cannot be human. It is not fair.  cb16

Of all the brides I’ve selected, they all have a common theme…they all look like the best, most polished version of themselves.  They’re not reaching for heavy contours and heavy amounts of metallic eyeshadow.  Chrissy has great brows and those were shaped well for her wedding day. This makes a HUGE difference.  Don’t be the bride or bridesmaid that needs an infinite amount of tweezing that morning (some girls can turn red after tweezing.) She again focused on the eyes and went soft on the lips.

What I love most is that Chrissy changed her dress 3 times and ended up with this FUN dress for the reception while literally letting her hair down and opting for a dark smokey eye. I tell my brides about this option or if they’re considering doing a bold lip for the reception.  I say why not and it gives you more than one look for photos!



Are there any brides you would add to this list? Sound off in the comment box below!




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