The Happiest Thank You


My husband and I have been so incredibly blessed by the well wishes and congrats that have been sent our way since the announcement of Baby Schu due in August.  We are beyond thrilled to become parents and our excitement has August feeling like it’s forever away! (Maybe that’s just me though, the hubby has a better patience waiting game.)

There’s a few things I wanted to share on this post mainly because the other blogs that I follow have SO much of their own lives documented that I too, want to be able to look back one day and remember the tiniest details that can sometimes slip out.  I’m also superbly excited because now I can start blogging on a whole new topic that’s relatively new to me, babies + motherhood with skincare & makeup! Don’t worry, I don’t recommend putting makeup on your baby.  Unless it’s Halloween.  Or unless you have wigs laying around and it goes with the look…


I wanted to share this beautiful and perfect quote.  This quote comes from a daily devotional calendar my best friend gave me years ago.  The first day that I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive was ironically on 12.13.14, good luck you might say?  It wasn’t long until after I walked into my kitchen and turned my calendar to the quote for that day.  It took my breath away and then I started tearing up. (Pregnant for sure.) It was so perfect and it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.  If you’re someone that’s suffered from a miscarriage, you will find nearly every reason and sign in the world once you become pregnant again that you’re destined for the same outcome.  In my original post on miscarriage, I mentioned how God gives us little signs that help us get through. There’s no doubt in my mind that God knew I needed this sign. In fact, I have gone back several times since that first day to read it over and over again for reassurance.  This quote eerily interpreted my state of being and I am so grateful that God knows exactly what we need.


Since becoming pregnant for the second time I find myself taking the time to really appreciate and be grateful for the ability just to be pregnant. It makes all the hard things, like nausea and fatigue, even more with it. Every day that I wake I thank God for my beautiful baby and for the chance to be pregnant. Not every woman gets the opportunity and I am sure to never forget it.

So I plan to blog and discuss all things health + baby + mama related in the next coming months and I invite you to submit any topics that you’re interested in, I’m always up for new ideas!

And lastly, I have to leave you with the cutest picture of all time.  I am pretty sure my child has the world’s cutest feet?? We are so excited to meet you Baby Schu!!!


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