Words cannot express the value I hold in keeping my hands protected and hydrated during the winter months.  I have concocted a miracle routine that will blow your socks off in the field of hydrated skin.  My favorite thing about this post is how “natural” and low-cost it is.

As always, I bypass the other frou-frou steps that other bloggers/experts tell you to do. Why? Because if it’s that far of a stretch, you’re more than likely, 9 times out of 10, NOT going to it make it part of your regular routine.

So here’s what I do to prevent my hands from looking like Crocodile Dundee…  


1.) By a giant bottle of Alba lotion (shown above) from Target that is UNSCENTED.  If you want to keep your hands from stinging and burning after you wash them/use lotion, you will NOT buy anything with artificial fragrance in them.  This is the #1 way to develop fast irritation and redness.  This bottle sits on my nightstand where I can use it every night before I go to bed.


2.) Buy a .99 cent bottle to use as a mini bottle in your purse. This cuts down on buying a $10 “mini” sized hand lotion from Sephora and you can continuously refill it for practically next to nothing! The bottle, shown above, come in clear, pink or blue so that you can buy one for each member of your family!


3.) Incorporate The Honest Company Healing Balm.  I like to think of this healing balm as the “healthy” version of Vaseline.  I drop a dime size amount of my Alba lotion onto my hand with an equal sized drop of the healing balm on my hands with it to mix in.  It might be because of the great formulation of the Honest Balm, but it does not feel greasy on my skin after I rub it in with my lotion AND it gives the greatest + softest texture to my hands! It forms such a nice coating over my hands that it honestly feels like I have a pair of gloves on.


4.) Restock from your kitchen.  Olive oil, who doesn’t have this at home? I could “get spiffy” and tell you to go out and buy coconut oil but who has time for that? Keep a bottle of olive oil on your nightstand to mix in with your hand lotion if you don’t have the Honest Healing Balm.  For a further step of comfort, nuke the olive oil for 5 seconds and the heated oil will soothe itchy skin and replace fat/moisture lost in the skin.

Quick note: you can add the olive oil or healing balm into your .99 cent bottle that you bought for your purse!


5.) Exfoliate with brown sugar and honey 1-2 days a week.  If you do not do this, the money you’ve spent on lotion and creams will go down the drain.  Product cannot work or hydrate through thick and flaky dry skin.  You also have no excuse because everyone has honey and brown sugar in their kitchen.  If you don’t have honey, use olive oil again.


6.) Lastly, wear gloves every single time you go outside.  Nothing will chap hands quicker than cold wind.

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